Central VA Outdoor Grow 2023

First time grower here. I bought a five-pack of White Widow Auto’s. Soaked them in water for 48hrs until they all cracked and had a taproot going. Then I buried them in Jiffy pots and stuck them on my Sun porch. I’ll give it a few weeks then transfer into 15-gallon felt planters out in my backyard. If all five make it I’ll give one away, since we can only have four legally here in VA.


These are the 3 seedlings on 5/30


And here they are a few days ago, about 12 days after sprouting. I moved them into 15 gallon pots and they’re getting 10 hours of direct sunlight daily. Soil is straight Coast of Maine, and I got Bergman’s nutrient pack for when they start into veg.


Which Coast of Maine blend did you choose? With 15 gallon pots , depending on strain and either photo/auto, you should be good for at least 75 days nute wise. I use Stonington Blend and in 5 gal pots im good for 30 to 45 days. Also, when you when planted, did you remove the jiffy pots? If not, you might want to, they dont decompose quick enough for cannabis.


I’m not sure which COM blend I used, It was the only one at the hardware store. They had a subtle, unmarked “cannabis supply” section. That’s good to know about the 75 days, thank you. I did get rid of the jiffy pots. The seedlings were on my Sun porch and ended up getting super leggy, so I buried them up to their cotyledons when I transplanted and gently ripped off the jiffy pots around them. First timer here, so any advice Is appreciated. I don’t barely even smoke weed but since VA decriminalized I’ve been wanting to grow some
Just for kicks.


Welcome , you’re off to a great start. :+1:

Welcome! Huge resource here, you can search all for great information.

Yup, ditch those jiffy pots.

I start in red solo cups and then up to a 6" pot and a 9" pot before going outside to acclimate and finally in the ground or fabric pots.

It’s a great hobby, good luck!

Pic from today, 18 days growth. Going out of town for a week so I hope to be pleasantly surprised when I get back into town.


Just got back from vacation, in one week they’ve more than doubled in size. I’ll start LST tomorrow, also noticed one of the plants has a few holes in a leaf or three. Im going to order some Neem, I figured I was going to need it sooner or later. Unless someone else has a better suggestion for an insecticide?

And here they are having just LST’d them. I’m assuming that this is right, it looks like what other people have done and matches what I’ve read.

2nd round of LST tie-down. I’m assuming that I keep doing this until they’re a week or two into flower? The leaves have a few holes here and there so I’ve ordered some Mammoth Canncontrol to spray with, but otherwise they seem to be thriving. They’re 28 days after sprout as of today.

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Just entering flower on these plants. The weather has been hot and incredibly humid, with daily thunderstorms. Everything still seems to be looking okay, I have been spraying w Mammoth Manncontrol to help prevent powdery mildew and manage any insects. The plants are all six weeks old at this point.


Hey Johnny, Your grow is looking good. I wanted to ask about the Mammoth Manncontrol product your using. I haven’t seen it before so I looked it up. I does say it is completely natural and you can use it on flowers. Since your plants have started to flower and you are using the product, please consider doing a followup after harvest and let us know if you think it affects the flavor profile at all or if you can discern any impact, positive or negative, on any quality of your buds. That would be much appreciated.
Thanks, Bruce

Thanks! And of course I misspelled it, it’s Canncontrol not Manncontrol. I’ll update this thread after harvest, though given that I’ve smoked weed about 3 times in the last 25 years, I may be a poor judge of flavor. The Canncontrol smells heavily of Thyme when I apply it, and it reminds me of a thyme-based mite-control treatment In use for beekeepers. The odor goes away in a few minutes, once the product dries. I’m hoping to harvest in about a month.

I’m at 48 days from sprout here, all three plants are in flower. No big problems thus far, it’s been super muggy and rainy. I treat w Canncontrol about twice a week and feed them once per week. Had some yellow fan leaves but other growers said that was normal as the plant dedicates the bulk of its energy to flowering, and they were right. I’m expecting maybe a month or so In flower and then harvest mid August/early September.


Plants look great man. I think your looking at more an end of September early October harvest window though. You want at least 8 weeks and as much as 12 weeks from start of flower. The picture you posted 10 days ago I would consider first few days /week of flower.

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That’s good to know, thanks! I’ll need to pick up a loupe or one of those phone-microscope thingies that I see people writing about.