New grower in VA

I’m starting my first outside grow in VA with white widow and crystal. I plan on germinating and starting indoors and then transplanting outdoors. When should I start them indoors so they will be ready to transplant? I don’t know when they’ll be safe outside in Va. Also, what kind of soil would be best for these strains? Or how can I prepare the grow site using ground soil?

I live in the mountains and our last frost can come as late as the end of April. I don’t usually put any plants out including veggies until after the end of April. Supposed to be high 70’s here today and tomorrow and chance of snow on Sunday. WTF :v:


Welcome to the community. I’m one state down from you in the mountain range. outside Target Has always been about the second weekend in May. For plants above ground. Good luck with your new venture.


Sounds about right to me :v:

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Some outdoor growers use large pots rather than planting in the ground. You could then use a good soil buffered for Cannabis such as one of the Fox Farm products, Roots Organics, or Black Magic.

There are some outdoor growers around here that will probably come along with good suggestions too.

I’ve had good luck with a 30 gal pot size hole in the ground and I make that my planter… It stays alot cooler and holds moisture better than above ground. You can use whatever soil you want in there.

You must be close to me… A local growmie :+1::+1:

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Yeah. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed, For our beautiful state to get on board.:+1:

Me too…!!!

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I must just be a state away from y’all and I can’t wait for Virginia to get it’s head outta it’s a** :+1::v:


It would be great If both States got on board at the same time. :+1:

Beautiful place where TN, VA and North Carolina all meet! Need all these to get on board! I heard TN was voting this year on medical again :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I put em outside come may as well, definitely by June. I already took my clones and they just rooted so they’ll have about 6 weeks of veg.

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We must be pretty close neighbors :shushing_face:. Thanks for your help


I’m with ya man

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Thank you!!

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I’m probably not far from you either. I’m at the beginning of Skyline Drive, within a mile or two :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:

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I’m 26 minutes from skyline… You my friend are very close… Lol

@Dmrlnw small world bro.:v: They’re Alittle crazy right now in your state.

Beautiful weather, then more rain today. I’ve had just about as much as I can stand.

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I’m just outside of Front Royal :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:

Now that’s 5hrs…lol

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