Massachusetts (Boston area) which Autoflower strains for outdoor planting using ipower fabric bags

I will be a first timer next spring. Plan to plant autoflowering seeds directly in ipower smart pots outdoors (have both 7 and 15 gallon sizes). I will germinate approximately mid May, or later. I could stagger germination/harvest dates if it made sense. Will probably use standard potting mix from home depot.

Which seed strains should I buy? Should I use the 7 or 15 gallon ipower fabric pots? Or, should I get 3 or 5 gallon sizes?

In Massachusetts I can have 2x6 plants griowing at a time.

Thanks, in advance for your advice.

it the best place to start


I grew White widow autos in mass directly in my veggie garden last yr. They grew great except I got bud rot due to all the rain we had. My advice is to get a strain that is tolerant of temp fluctuations.

read all the grower guides provided by this great site is my best green advice…oh yeah…Auto Northern Lights for a 1st timer :man_farmer:

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I am in MA. I grew auto white widows outside last summer. One made it, one was annihilated by bud rot. My suggestion is to start early, finish by mid-August. Late August, September and October are not kind to marijuana plants in New England, with high humidity and nighttime temps that drop into the 60’s are a recipe for bud rot. There is probably some preventative maintenance I could’ve done. Live and learn I guess.


5 gallon fabric pots seem to work very well for myself on autos. They will finish pretty quick don’t really see no reason to waste a lot of soil. Good soil can get expensive. Welcome and good luck

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What strain is up to you. Go to our seed shop and click on Auto Flowering plants
And read it’s description.
2nd i would use the 7 gal pots to finish in

I bought some blueberry autos for next season. I’m from the same area. I wish we could swap a few seeds.

I would consider swapping for some white widow or northern lights. Im not going to start until may so i have time unless you are going to grow indoors sooner.

By the way… I have decided to germinate in paper towels and then place in non fertilized potting soil and add my own fertilizer and perlite. Pots will be 5 and 7 gallon ipower pots to see if any difference. Going to try lst. Cant wait to watch my garden grow!

@Screwauger @Bogleg both have grown autos and should be familiar with growing conditions there. Can you guys help a brotha out?

I started 3 auto’s inside last spring and tried to finish them outside, bud rot took all three. This I thought was due to having them finish in July(ish) but we had an abnormally humid summer. I grew purple haze amnesia haze and ak47, all auto’s. All grew great but their big buds couldnt take the humidity.

I’d go with anything known to be rot reistent in this climate, maybe NL auto??

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I have historically only ever grown Auto N/Lights

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I live in MA and grow outside and in a greenhouse. Blueberry autoflower will grow well, but use at least a 15 gallon pot for best results.

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Semi trimmed blueberry autoflower in 15 gallon pots.


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Northern Lights Autos in 7 gall fabric bags work for me exterior…maybe get a bit more esoteric with your soil choice…:fox_face: farms looks interesting…read read the above GUIDES for auto info…or just ask us …:zap:

I’m not from the easy coast and this year is my first time growing autos outdoor. I put mine outside a few weeks ago after 2 week seedling stage.

From what I have read some people get frustrated as autos are on their own schedule.

If you have a small indoor space maybe consider starting a feminized photoperiod strain as a clone mother. 18/6 light cycle, Then once a clone is rooted and of the appropriate size you can put outside to start flowering. If you can get clones outside June 1st you should have a harvest around mid August for most Indica varieties.