Scrogging? ("splain it to me lucy)

OK first of all I have read a lot of threads about this " technique" and see the screen but (maybe I’m being to obtruce ) WHY! What does it do! Advantages? How does it work? I feel stupid I haven’t figured it out. It may be too far above my experience level. But I at least want to understand it so I can consider if I want to try. So if someone would “edumacate” me I’d appreciate it greatly.Thanks. btw, 2x4x5 tent, crap lights 10x 100/23w cfl on 1x3’ board (I know,I know LOL it will be improved when I can)

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Don’t worry, it’s not a stupid question. SCROGing looks much more complicated than it actually is. The reason we SCROG is to increase yield in a small space. I SCROG in my 2’x2’ tent and I can get over 6 ounces from one plant under my QB light. That, and it’s fun.

The idea is to spread out all the branches through a net so that everything above the net gets premium light, and everything below the net gets cut off because it won’t produce anything. The net itself is used to force each branch to stay in its own space away from other branches, so they all get uniform lighting and grow big, beautiful buds.

It’s hard to describe without pictures, but that’s the basics. I’ll be doing a SCROG on my current grow if you’d like to see someone do it and ask questions as I go. I have a small band of newbies SCROGing with me, so if you’re interested I can tag you into my grow.


Yes please! I have about 2/3 weeks on my current grow and then drying a week or so drying in the tent (odor control wise) so I have a month before I can drop seeds for round two! I plan 2/3 plants max due to space and lights. Thanks for “splainen” the process. Pretty simple and makes sense NOW. Thanks again and I look foward to looking over your shoulder so to speak.I’m kinda stoked with the results I achieved so far, considering my knowledge and set up or the lack of it. Can’t make changes in lights right now so thinking about a “tweek” or two that I CAN DO! It’s a learning curve.


I tagged you into my grow. You can definitely do this.

@raustin will be a perfect tutor on SCROG’ing.

The other thing a SCROG does is convert a round plant into square. As most of our grow spaces are square rather than round, it helps to more efficiently use the grow space.

I just harvested (for example) a Crystal photo SCROG in a screen that was only 22" by 36" and put over ten ounces in jars from that one plant. The overall height of the plant, in the pot, was 28" high.


Oh, those are beautiful!

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Nice! I’m greener than my girls right now just seeing that pict.

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Very nice engineering on the screen as well. “Form follows function” brilliant design.


I stole the design from someone here. It’s movable and adjustable.

Well… it’s been stolen again, LOL question? Did you just drill holes in the uprights for height and use a pin or some other way?

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The idea of a Scrog is to get your plants growing horizontal as opposed to vertical. This way, you will have more bud sites and they all get equal amount of light


It appears that I might get as much yeald with one GOOD strain this way as I would with 2 plants non-scrog. But… feel I must upgrade my lights too see “real” results like yours granddaddy! Very nice BTW!

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I use schedule 20 for the base (one inch) and 3/4 inch schedule 40 slips inside it. A 9/16" self tap screw in each leg locks the height wherever I want it.

I tagged you into my journal.

Everyone does a SCROG differently. The “correct” way is as @Grandaddy013 said: laying the screen down low, running the branches and tops out horizontally under the screen exposes side nodes which ultimately all turn into tops. It’s actually possible to exceed the roots ability to feed a SCROG–I did it on my last grow.


I might have done that very thing on this grow

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About what age? And how high should it be placed (the net)?

Say it ain’t so…m not enough white to green ?

I’m learning a lot here! Thanks!!!

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I tried to run mine between 24 and 26" from the ground. You will get a few inches higher due to the tops poking out.

Can it be done with autos? I know the much shorter grow period would affect it but would it be worth trying?

That’s workable for me. Ahhhhh yes the lights,LOL there’s always SOMETHING!