Feeling overwhelmed by growing techniques

Hay fellas.
Recently I was researching alot and I came across terms like:
,lollipopping, defoliating,Scrogging,LST,Topping,Fiming

All sound great for the porpuse they serve but I have hard time finding a start point. After that I mostly have a better time I tent to get irritated at the beginning.
So I wonder if any one could help me out and tell a bloody beginner like me where I should start.
My plan is to maxmize the yield of 6 plants in 5x5 tent. The light problem is already solved.
So far I was thinking of using LST and topping in the first weeks of the plants and then use the scrogg net to maximize it even further ? But what is defoliating and lollipop?


@Verdant. Defoliating is a leaf removal to maximize light penetration to bud sites. Or in the case of a scrog to clean up under canopy to allow for better air flow from below. The lowers below the screen aren’t going to get much light when the scrog starts to fill in and the bottom leaves will die off and yellow. It will concentrate the growth to the above screen buds.
I’ve only done a scrog once and good air flow from underneath is a must to prevent issues. I believe lollipopping is taking most of the lower growth on the stems to again concentrate growth on the upper buds. Maybe @WickedAle or @MattyBear can clarify further.
Hope this helps a bit. :v:


Just remember the longer you veg the bigger the plants will get. If you scrog you only need two plants in the five by five once you get good at it. 6 plants in a 5 by 5 will be very crowded in 6 to 8 weeks. But start them seeds because the only way to learn is to make mistakes.


@zparkie2 @Oldguy okay yea, i pretty much get what the terms mean but where should I start ? For a beginner like me. I was reading ppl harvest 2lbs of 4 plants I just wonder how they to that, I wanna achieve that too

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Strain and growing conditions will determine the amount of yield that u will get. Enough light is paramount to a heavy harvest like that. And those amounts are usually by very experienced growers with optimal conditions throughout the grow. :wink::v:
That’s what we all live for. :grin:


My suggestion would be to do nothing for your first time around. Get the hang of growing out of the way first. Then, try some training on the next time around. Start with LST, then topping, then SCRoG, etc.

Or, if you are really anxious to experiment, do a different method on each one of your six plants to see how each come out - just be prepared to lose some yield as you are bound to make mistakes(we all do).


I see mate. Yes m first grow is coming to a close now that’s why I wanna try LST and other methods now. I’m fine with losses.
Is 6 plants the way I should go ?

We do lol

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But thank you I think I will do it as you said

Using the general guideline of 4 square feet per plant, that should work out fine. Your first time around, you’ll want to leave room for things like getting up close to inspect the plants, adding equipment you never thought about at the beginning, etc.
I thought you might be interested in a little apparatus I made a few months ago. It allows you to SCRoG one plant instead of the whole tent. It’s just simple 1/2" PVC pipe and corners, brass eye hooks and some kite string. I used a 1/16" drill bit and just screwed the eye hooks into the PVC. If you look at the top-down photo, you can see that it is just one long piece of string criss-crossed throughout the eye hooks. Anyway - it seemed to me to be a easy/cheap way for you to try out SCRoG on a single plant either this time or next time…




I don’t think there’s a rule that says you have to account for 4 square feet per plant. It all depends how long you veg for.


I always use a SCROG. I like it because it really tells me when to flip photos to flower. It makes the most out of space and lights. It gives you are reference point for trimming/lollipoping.

1 When the SCROG is nearly full then you flip. Can’t be any easier.
2 For the two weeks of transition from veg to flower you can continue to tuck under colas if you have room and they are still flexible enough.
SCROG also makes the most of my space.
3 As for lollipop, you clean up foliage under the SCROG and stems that won’t make it to the canopy. Again the SCROG gives you a reference point to trim so not any guess work.

SCROG is simple. I am simple. :slight_smile: SCROG is my friend!! (To be honest, I trim under the net but don’t get up tight about it).

Downside of SCROG
SCROG can make it hard to reach plants in back if you are in a tent. (Trimming gets hard to do).
SCROG is for feminized seed. Don’t want to put in a bunch of effort just to find a male to kill.

Good luck. Let us know if you need pics or anything.

Correct. That’s why I said “general guideline.” It’s just a good number for people to start out with.

Okay fine yes I heared numbers like 30-40 cm more often so I guess thats what I’m going for. If 40 is enough I may just buy a 1.20 tent

@TommyBahama @Reticence @Oldguy
Btw thank you for the great help

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I may do that. I found a scrog net at Amazon which seems pretty good to me I can post a picture if you want too.

Thanks man. That was what I’m searching for. A checklist which I can note down in my head so I have some security.

I would love to see some pictures and most importantly I’m curious what steps you have to follow before you start the scrog. Topping and LST right ? I heared about a 4 way LST that sounded good for me. U know about that ?

Well the good thing about the downside is you can spend more time with your plants lol :slight_smile:

You got it!! A SCROG is super easy to build with PVC. BTW I don’t glue the PVC just shove it together.
I use fence with 2x4" holes. (5x10 cm).
You can drill holes and run string etc.
The Nets you can buy work ok, but still need supported somehow. They can be a royal pain to unfold too.