Run off rack for tent?

I have ordered my materials (items) to build a 2x2x5 grow tent as mentored by @raustin. In most of the selections such as the tent, lighting, vent fans…etc (pretty much everything), I have mirrored her design. I’ll use 5G fabric pots.

One question is run off in the bottom of the tent. I know the tent has a waterproof floor, but should I find an old refrigerator rack and put it on a baking sheet or something similar? Not sure what others do - or have done - but I think I need some sort of containment system. Also, will standing pools of runoff lead to a mold issue even if I use the vent fans as directed?

@raustin - will I be able to comfortably manage 2 of the 5G pots in this space? Reason I ask is if I end up looking for a rack to hold the pots off the tent floor, I’ll size the rack to fit 2 pots if suggested.

Thanks all!

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I thought you were only going to grow one plant. Anyway, some kind of rack is a good idea, though I don’t use that. I have my plant sitting on the floor in one of those big, vinyl plant saucers. I collect runoff with a turkey baster, Lol, I know, but it works just fine. I can collect pretty much all the runoff this way so the plant isn’t sitting in water. It only becomes a challenge when I have to flush cause I have to be quick with the baster. I really should find a better system.


For sure I think my first grow will be one plant so I can learn the routines. Later down the road when I have a good feel for the grow process, I was wondering if this size tent will fit two plants comfortably w/o crowding them out? I think I remember you said you have done 2?

If I search out a drain rack, I’ll find one that can fit two pots if you think I have room for 2 plants. If not, and you suggest to stick with one pot/one plant, I’ll find the appropriate rack size.

Actually the turkey baster in a run-off saucer is an easy fix, and if you are being successful with this method, I may try this too so you can easily identify problems when/if I have them. I can always modify processes later on if need be, but for now, the closer I can follow your system, the better I’ll be.

My WW Fem seeds arrived, now I’m tempted to just go ahead and pop one and start with the real deal. I know I’m waffling around, but this will be a 5 or 6 week holdback if I pop an unknown sex/strain seed to experiment with. If I am successful with the WW - I’ll be half way there and wont look back. Thinking out loud.

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If I were to put a rack in my tent I would find one that fits exactly to the space, maybe an inch or two smaller. So a 23"x23" rack would be perfect for one or two plants.

Yes, I’ve done two plants in this tent, but it was tight. I actually can get a bigger yield from just one plant than from two.


Thanks! I wondered about the size issue, and one heathy plant not competing for space makes perfect sense to have a strong yield.

If the run-off saucer works for you, then it will work for me. Following your lead.

Not far from starting now as Amazon has most everything either in already or to arrive this week. Looks like the LED QB will arrive this week too, so will be assembling and setting up this weekend.

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I bought a turkey baster, myself. It’s actually so much more convenient than dragging out the shopvac. :grinning:

For flushes, I take the girls to the tub.


Right? The turkey baster actually works really well. Lol


For $1.17, heck yeah, it does!

I will note, that very shortly, I will not be able to manage carrying the beasts to the tub, so any heavier waterings/flushes will get the shopvac.


Two good opinions…thanks and turkey baster it will be!

And the tub idea is keen. I’m actually setting up my grow space in the bathroom of my cabin, so I have a tub right beside the tent.


Drop that bagseed in the water! Lights arriving this week. And takes a couple days to germinate. Get this party (n journal startd) :joy::joy::joy::+1:t5:

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Heck yeah…I’m ready to POP that thang!

Since I’ll have a small 2x2x5 tent like @raustin, and will be growing one plant in a 5G pot, do you think for my first grow I can just let it go naturally w/o LST, trimming, or other training? Just to see how the plant develops naturally as a reference point?

I had originally planned to pop a seed of unknown sex and strain (sacrificial plant) just to get a handle on the process. That was before my ILGM WW Fem’s came in so now I have plenty of seeds to try for the real deal as not to waste resources for an unknown plant destined to be terminated. Not sure how the WW will grow untrained, but this would be a good time to try so next grow I’ll know how to make adjustments. Of course I’ll let my mentor guide me as some of my own self guided ideas may be total disaster. If she sees me heading down a blind alley, I’m sure she will correct my direction.

I’ll start a journal once the process begins!! Yeah!!

Ok, if it were me, and I actually did this, I would sink a White Widow seed and let her grow naturally in the new setup. I don’t think you’re going to have any problems getting her to grow because I won’t allow it. So go ahead and drop a WW.

And start a damn journal!


Absolutely. I hope this light comes on in since I’m at the 10 day point they said will arrive. Once setup all systems will be GO!

Yeah, since the seeds are in my hand, I see no reason to hold off since you’ll be close by to mentor me. As you say…you wont allow me to screw this up…LOL.

When I start a journal, many posts pics…right?

Yes, lots of posts and pics. I update my journal every day even if there’s nothing to report.

I use large plastic storage bins. They’re about 8" high and easily hold water when I’m flushing. I use a wet vac to pull the water out.


I think Ms Raus is more anxious then you are :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Lol, I am! I want this to get started already!

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I have a 32×32. I can just barely fit 2 5gal pots side by side in mine. You’d probably have to place them corner to corner in a 24×24. Still itll be a tight fit. I’d suggest 3 gal pots if your gonna do two.

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Or as Ms R stated. Just run one n be done :joy:

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Ms., R, lol, I like that.

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