A 4x4 or a 5x5 tent which is best?

Any opinions are appreciated. I am presently running two 2x3 tents. I am wanting to replace the one in the garage with a 5x5. But the more I research to more I am leaning towards a 4x4.
I already have a 350R and a 260 Rspec FR, this is a total of 580 watts. Also already have two 4 inch fans for intake and exhaust. So my lights and fans are better suited to the 4x4.
My ceiling height is 7’8”, Gorilla has a 4x4, and with the optional extension kit it is 7’7” high. All the 5x5s that I find will be giving up 10 to 18 inches in height to the ceiling, or the 5x5 extension kits make the tent too high.
So I am presently thinking that as long the 4x4 with extension can be placed were I have access to at least three sides. It will be my best choice, and give a better return on investment.

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I found 3 tents each from a different brand that are 60x60x80 inches. Me personally id get the ac infinity tent as they have been known for quality craftsmanship and they seem to have the thickest mylar between the 3 options. I would get the 5x5 for the simple fact of more room if you want a humidifier, dehumidifier, stand up fan or anything else that might the floor space. I got my 4x8x6 and quickly found out i lost a bit over a foot in length due to my ac and dehumidifier being in the tent


All I can say is after I bought my 4x4 tent, wish I’d bought a 5x5! Four plants can be a tight fit if you want to spread them outwards, and 5 is even tighter!

Also, leaving only 1 inch space, can you assemble 7’7" tent in your space? I know I assembled mine on its side then propped it upright. You couldn’t do that with a tall tent, would have to assemble is upright, or outside and “slide” it into your garage…if your garage door opens with that height. Something to consider. Pythagoras says a tent 91" tall and 48" wide needs 103" (8’7") to tilt from it’s side to upright.


Definitely a good idea to think ahead and ultimately it up to you what you think will be more practical.
But every time I get a new tent, I always wish it was bigger :sweat_smile: I now have 6 tents and a closet.

One day I’m going to just dedicate an entire room, just not today :rofl:


The reason for a larger tent, is that I can shutdown the grows during the summers, and produce enough to last until the next harvest, at about Xmas time. This will allow the wife and more RV time.
@BigCat420, I came very close to ordering that 5x5 infinity tent a couple weeks ago, but hesitated for some reason. I have not used any of AC Infinity stuff, but I am impressed with what I read about them.
My basement makes for a good lung room, only need a small humidifier in the winter. A midsized dehumidifier in the summertime, but if I shutdown in the summer won’t need this very much, if at all. So all that I will need in the tent is some recirculating fans, plants and of course lights.
The 80 inch height would leave 12 inches of unused space between the top of tent and the ceiling. I think moving the extra foot of height to inside the tent would has some big benefits. I believe that it will be much easier to maintain 36 inches distance during veg, and 18-24 during flowering.
@Spudgunner, yes I know that 1 inch clearance will be a challenge to get the tent stretched over the frame. But with a lot of cussing, and a little redneck engineering, I think, I could get her done!


Best bet would be to assemble it on its side, zip most of it up, then take the 2 4’ poles that go together to make the 8’ height apart, get it rightside, then lift them back up and click them together. Might take 2 people in the tent to do that, but that should be doable.

I still like keeping my plants low and wider, easier to keep the canopy at an even height. Plants that grow to 4 foot, any lower buds never get enuff light. Then again, I’ve seen some 4 foot monster on here that make me so jealous!!

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@1HappyPappy, you must be reading my thoughts. It is starting to occur to me, that it maybe best to stay with what I have now. And when starting back up next fall, I may need to put my big boy pants on, and just build a grow room in the corner of my basement. All that would be needed is two walls and a door. Already have the other two walls and ceiling. Kinda getting tired of trying to convert a tent into a permanent grow room.
Anyone have suggestions on what size would be good for four plants and still be able to move around in? I am thinking 6x6?

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I do 4 at a time in a 4x6 under a Growers Choice Roi-e720 and plenty of room to one side for fans or humidifier. It can fit more, I’ve had 9 in it but really depends on what size plants we talking about.

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Me too.

I started first grow in sept with s 4x8x7. 5 clones. 5 seeds. Wuickly took over tent and got a 3x3 so i could nax out light n fans cheaper than a 4x4 … wish i had a 5x5. Js. 3x3 is good for one plant all bushy and huge always go little bugger i think. You cna always use less of the tent

I stored my 4x8 a 3x3 and grabbed a 5x5. I love it 16sqft 4x4. 25 in 5x5. Footprint in room better than a 4x8.

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I’d stand by infinity this is.3rd grow with the cheaper of the options. Working great in a concrete garage that like to hold a little water sometimes lol.

4x4 has better lighting options.

Sounds like you talked yourself into it already lol. I have both and the 5x5 is my preferred tent. Both are 80” tall.


Anyone that says size does not matter…has a small tent :grinning:

I would go bigger if you have the space…don’t underestimate how much area you need around it to access. Harder on the back reaching further in, but potential increased yeild outweighs.

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Do you plan to grow enough long term that a 5x5 is worth it?

I’ve got a 5x3 with 2 350Rs and in 2 grows have SO MUCH more than I use :rofl:

I have two 48x48x80, I want 60x60x96, when i grow up.
Bigger is better, sometimes.

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I ended up with my wife getting me the AC Infinity 5x5x80 tent for Xmas. It was already on sale for $199, and during Xmas they had an extra 10% off, for $179. With shipping it was $238. I gave up on trying to find a tent that would come close to my ceiling height, and just used the standard 80 inch high.
This will move me from 12 square feet with the two 2x3s, to 25 square feet with the 5x5. Anxious to get this much more room to work with.

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Oh, I forgot, thanks to everyone that replied to my question on this thread. You, the members on this forum are the best!
I have spent a little time on a Tacoma truck forum and some of those people there are very rude and insulting with their opinions.

No it won’t, it’ll move you to 37 square feet :rofl: :crazy_face: Use the little tents for vegging and the 5x5 for flower. You know you want to!