Kind Led Light 750x Gorilla 5x5 Tent

Hey guys! It’s weekend! Wait, I’m pushing 70. Weekend is no biggie "Old People " : )

I ordered the Kind 750x last week. I’m about to order the Gorilla 5x5 tent.
Will this combo work guys? I’m wanting to add a 6 pot Autopot system.
I wasnt sure if a 4x4 Gorilla Tent would be too tight.
Years ago I had a Northern Lights Bloombox. It sure was fun. After I got well from my health issues I sold it for what I paid for it.
Thanks in advance guys


Welcome my freind :grin:
I’m only 42 but weekends haven’t been much but a day of rest in a good decade. Kids and wife take alot of time :sweat_smile:

But sounds like a solid setup to me :+1:
I run autopots 1pot XLs.
I also run a Growers Choice Roi-e720 (720watt) bar style light like the kind x720 in a 4x6 tent and it dose very well…

Autopots are the ultimate chest code fir growing cannabis… you will not be disappointed :relieved:

Id go for the 5x5, autopots with coco-coir can produce some massive plants.
I’ve had my 4x6 stuffed with only 4 in it so that extra room will cone in handy…


Imo square tents should come with a square plant configuration. 1, 4, 9, 16. 1 plant is waste of time and 16 would probably be waste of money if you’re looking to run autopots. Difference between 4 plants and 9 plants to fill a 5x5 is just a few weeks veg time with a passive hydroponic system like the autopots. If you wanted to go with 4x4, 4 plants in this system is a pretty standard grow. Going to 5x5 means you’ll veg longer to fill it or you’ll have some dead floor space.


Welcome to the community and family Grow Bro. Excellent light choice. I run the X420 in my 2 x 4 and the plants and myself love it :love_you_gesture:


Not necessarily “dead” space as in wasted space though.
I have my Roi-e720 to one side and fans sit in the other space. Plenty of room for humidity devices also if needed.
I kinda like the extra space myself :man_shrugging: I can still get 4x4 space filled with the option to veg a little longer and fill it all if I wanted to.


You could look at it that way, but most will not. The best place for lights is over the top of canopy, rh control devices in lung room, and fans is above or below canopy. If you only have a 4x4 canopy then you could have saved money buying smaller tent, light, and environmental control devices to maintain the smaller space, and still be producing the same amount.

There are some situations where having a tent larger than intended canopy size make sense, like a physical disability or something which makes one struggle to access plants. But there’s usually other more efficient ways around this. Like using two 2x4 tents so there is no back row to access and putting the tents on a stand of sorts to get them off the ground. You can usually setup two 2x4’s less than or equal to a 5x5. As a general rule of thumb I wouldn’t suggest a new grower buy equipment larger than what they need just because bigger is better. I would find out what their goals are and try to get them setup to attain those goals without spending anymore than I feel necessary.


I agree, thats why I said,

Save money on a light for sure.
But environmental control devices would be the same (excluding maybe exhaust fan but thats just splitting hairs). We don’t have that customizable of options for these items like we do lights.
Especially if we are controlling the lung, as you said. Humidity and AC don’t typically go in the tent anyways, but it’s nice to have options imho…

I use these tower fans with a extra fan on top

The top fan hits the light given a little extra cooling on it, and the bottom fan covers below canopy, with another fan hitting the top.

No way you will purchase this cheaper, and it would cost more to operate, as running more devices will be less efficient and more work to maintain…

Why not :thinking:
If bigger is infact better then that logic flows :sweat_smile:

I understand bigger is not “always” better, I’m the guy always preaching “less is more” :sweat_smile:
But when it is, it is :grin:

In this case, that extra foot dosen’t hurt but the options (in my humble opinion) are better.
I have a 1.5x3, 2x4, 2.5x5, 3x3, and a 4x6. I had a 4x4 setup aswell but I sold it to @Skateguru.
For me, the little extra space in some of them is extremely useful, and well worth the very little increase in price.

The guy is buying Gorilla tents so I assume that saving a few dollars isn’t a deciding factor, and if he at 70 moves like I do at 42, that extra space to maneuver around makes it very much worth it :rofl:.

Either way @scott312 you will be happy with either one. But the 5x5 will give you the same yeilds with more options then just what I’ve elaborated on…

If im wrong and money is a deciding factor, then get a cheaper tent as Gorilla tents are very expensive compared to other brands. But I’m pretty sure you knew that already :grin:

Happy growing everyone :blush:


What is that??? Lol welcome aboard! You got some awesome info from some of the best already! Only info I got at this point is patience. Good luck grownie!!!


Welcome @scott312 to the forum. I like that Kind 750x design with targeted light spectrum with full control of spectrum during different stages of plant growth.
I assume you’ll be making spectrum changes throughout the growth. Also, what nutrient line are you going to use!
Don’t forget your root zone.
Good luck with your new toys!!


Welcome to the forum it sounds like youre on your way with a good plan


Guarantee I could do it cheaper and it would be more efficient than you’re running your 5x5. In fact, i think i could set both up pulling less power than your light alone draws. This probably has more to do with my climate and environmental factors of my home vs yours, but this would basically be doubling the footprint I have. I don’t need humidifier, dehumidifier, or A/C. I deal with plants being a little slow due to cool temps in winter, but it’s easy enough to just put an extra plant in and fill the space on same timeline. This setup produces 40-50 grams ft². Cost a little over $500 to setup tent and pulls about 320 watts running full tilt. Qb260 kit, cloudline t6 and 6x16 filter, ac infinity tent, two $10 clip ons from lowes.


So you can purchase 2- 2x4 tents, the lighting, and fans to run them cheaper then you could purchase 1-5x5 tent, lighting, and fans to run it?
And some how these 2 tents will even be more efficient🤔 because that’s what I thought you was saying with.

Why would you compare my environment to yours as being a way to do it cheaper :confused:
That’s not exactly fair my friend.
This guy doesn’t get to choose his environment :sweat_smile:
So that data is staic.

We wasn’t talking about who could grow cheaper in what areas. I thought you said a person could get 2-2x4 setups for the same price or less then a 5x5 setup.

And as someone that at one point had 8 setups of different sizes. That’s not been my experience at all but quite the opposite.

Maybe I misunderstood cuz im total confused by the last response :man_shrugging:


I did. Two 2x4’s set up for $1000-$1100. Maybe a little cheaper if you caught more than standard discount code from hlg or ac infinity. What is cost of your tent, light, exhaust, filter, and circulating fans?

I never intended to go down efficiency road, but since you brought it up I thought I would list power consumption and typical production as well. What you have and/or what you’re doing makes no difference to me. In terms of putting it out there for others to consider and defending my position on not having a larger grow space than needed, this is where I’m at and why.


Thank you HappyPappy. I love that name!
You are right about a busy life and rest. The wife and the dogs keep me very busy.
My baby boy is 42. He’s big as a truck and not a fatty. LOl It’s good to have kids.
I’m sad to say they all left home and got married. I have always been a dirt farmer with
wonderful success. The hydro thing will be new to me. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks, we will see : ). I have never messed with coco-coir . I was going to use ground up Styrofoam cups @ 50% with the coco. Unless coco-coir is a premixed deal. I’m pretty ignorant on the coco.
Thank you for your kind encouragement HappyPappy. I had to pre-order the Kind 750x due to being popular. So I will not be starting for a few weeks.
I will talk to you later I hope.

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Sometimes I use this premixed coco-coir and perlite.

I do tend to add more perlite to it till its about 50/50 but many people run the 70/30 like it is.
You can get it premixed or just plain and mix whatever you want to it.

You can also get it pretty cheap buying compressed bricks of coco-coir and then add your own material to it like perlite, expanded clay pebbles, and I like this product called “buddy stones” its made from recycled glass and some how they turn in itno what looks like lava rocks but its light.
The buddy stones and expanded clay is easy to sift out after a grow and reuse them after you wash them off.
Its nice to not have to keep buying something over and over … .
Some wash and reuse their coco-coir even, but I don’t.

Once you get the autopots dialed it, its really nothing to do but refill the tank when it needs it and watch them grow…


If I take the exact same led light kits you mentioned but only 1-t6 fan, filter, and clip ons and stick them in the 5x5.
Rather then 2- t6 fans, filters, and 2 clip ons in 2-tents.
This would be cheaper and more efficient as well as easier to mantain while still giveing a little over 25watts ft².

I wouldn’t go with hlg though because the quantum boards wouldn’t be the best coverage, I would prefer a bar style or 2 of the 320 xl kits ftom hlg in reality…

But for the sake of discussion, keeping everything the same, you save money from not buying exhaust fan, filter, and clip ons for the 2nd tent :man_shrugging:

And you only have to clean and maintain 1 system not 2 :confused:


Yes but if you used same lights your ppfd average would be way low. Which goes to the point of building out 16 ft² if all you plan on using is 16 ft². Bar styled lights are theoretically superior and this is typically what I design and use, but umol for umol they’re not going to not going to produce any differently. This has more do with flexibility of using than anything else. And cleaning a 2x4 doesn’t require physically entering tent, so one could argue cleaning 2 easier than cleaning 1.


Yes being able to target differ stages of the grow was appealing to me . That was maybe my main reason to purchase the 750x Before I had use HID 400 watt bulb in the old day’s And it did a great job. I ran Co2 with it. Well heck I forgot the nutrient company I wanted to use.
I did order a 3 set of General Nutrients on the fly. Just so I would have something. I didn’t want to buy gallons till I was sure.
Thank you Night Gardner,

PS “Don’t forget your root zone.” Ok I’m not sure on that. Hydroponic thing? Silly me.


All the water you using is a great place for rot to get to not only roots but also your leaf. Hydroguard will build a safe zone by supplying beneficial microbes to protect and aid in transport of nutrients to your plants.
Botanicare Hydroguard Bacillus Root Inoculant, Quart

If your using GH you might as well get some CaliMagic and Armor Si to supplement as well.
General Hydroponics CALiMAGic 1-0-0, Calcium-Magnesium Supplement, 1-Quart

General Hydroponics Armor Si Plant Growth Enhancement, Quart

I just picked up a quart. I was wondering why hydroponic people had all these bottles of this and that.
I’m starting to get a collection of my own. Lol thank you Night Gardener

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