Advice on a tent

A question from a fellow grower:

“I’ve been following your emails for a couple months now and find it all very helpful. I have never actually tried growing and for that matter I have been regretfully clean for about 16 years. “0 tolerance policies” and what not. With the changing laws I’m interested in starting up an indoor grow and need some advice. What size of tent would best suit 2 healthy girls? I’ve looked into so many different types and kits my head is spinning. I will likely have more questions to follow but this will point me in the right direction.”


For two girls you are going to want at least 2 foot x 4 foot and 5 feet tall


Going with a tent is a good choice hundred bucks install 30 minutes . It comes with support bars in top to hang exhaust fan and lights. Welcome to the community. Good luck with your first grow.


If you are budget-minded, I highly recommend the 4x4 tent setup from Growers House. It has pretty much everything you need to get started and the price can’t be beat. It consists of:
4x4 tent
1000 watt air-cooled HID setup with both types of bulbs
Digital dimmable ballast
exhaust fan
carbon filter
circulation fans
outlet timer
and some pots to grow in.

Just go to and search for part number 4x4-1000HID-S

A 4x4 tent will give you more space to maneuver around inside the tent, or add a couple more plants later. A 2x4 tent is fine if that’s all you want, though.

If you want to spend a little more money and get an LED light, I would still take a look at all the things included in that kit and purchase them. It’s a good list of what a beginner needs.

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I am with @TommyBahama on this, I would go no smaller than a 4X4 unless I just didn’t have enough room for it. I would actually go to some trouble to make room for a 4X4.

Truth be told, you may end up crowded in a 4X4 depending upon your growing skills and techniques. Each of my plants (using LST and SCROG) are about 3 feet across and 3 - 4 feet tall.

You have come to the right place to get all of the growing advice that you will need for a successful harvest. Good luck and have fun.


Thanks for the tip. I will definitely be looking into the 4x4 you mentioned.


Welcome to the site @Jay37. Ur in the right place to learn a bit. And if that total price scares u, amazon should have ‘just the tent’ and u can piece the rest together. Ph Meter (mandatory) tds meter (highly recommended) and a solid light are other things to look into. Read all u can. N dont be afraid to ask anything

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After checking the tent options online, found a 4x4x7 tent w/4 places for round ducting for air movement, small vents all four sides and zipper sides to regulate heat…for $70

Your choice to do soil or DWC. DWC makes for fast roots and easy correction of nute mistakes. Aerated water is essential.
Find a PH n PPM Meter set for $20 online. CRITICAL!!!

Id splurge a bit on the ph meter. The cheapies suck. Gone spend 30-40 and save urself some hassle

The bigger tent you go with you’re going to have to use a bigger light which means added cost.


I need to set up a second flowering area so that I can get a monthly (or close to it) cycle going.

I currently have an 8’ X 8’ main grow room which is primarily for flowering plus I have a cheap 4’ X 8’ X 96" tent for veging and propagation.

I am looking for opinions on the best flowering tent. The cheap tent that I have does not seal well enough to use for flowering. It could be sealed better with considerable effort. I want a tent with excellent light seals from the start.
I will be adding either a 4’ X 8’ X 96" or an 8’ X 8’ X 96". closer to 7 feet tall would be ideal but may be unavailable. Less concerned about cost, focused on size and quality (zippers and light seals).

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I only have rooms so no hands on experience. But from looking into tents I think gorilla makes one of the top end tents out there. Even have adjustable height on some of them. There’s another brand that’s also rated well but slightly cheaper. I just can’t think of the name but I’ll go browse around and see if I can find it.


There’s lots of tent manufacturers (and re-labelers) out there, so I’ll just cover 2 brands that are known for good quality: Gorilla and Secret Jardin. Both of them have tents right in your size range:

Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR240W 4’x8’x80"
Secret Jardin Intense Series INT120 4’x8’x7’
Gorilla GGT48 4’x8’x6’11"

Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro 3.0 DR240 8’x8’x80"
Secret Jardin Intense Series INT240 8’ x 8’ x 7’
Gorilla GGT88 8’x8’x6’11"


i use a 4x8x80” Vivosun 200 bucks I like having the extra room to move and eventually grow more. It’s nothing to section it off if need be. Quality is ok on this but like anything you get what ya pay for. I am currently running 2 2x4 areas in my tent and is working out well so far.

Just my 1.5 cents anyway.

Happy growing!

Oh @Jay37 definitely look into the QB boards best decision I made.


@DoobieNoobie @TommyBahama @Jbum
Thank you for the prompt replies and excellent info…You suggested the products that I had looked at.
I am leaning more and more toward an 8 X 8 but that will likely steer me in the direction of framing it and lining with panda film. Not sure yet, still weighting the options. Easy tear down is certainly a consideration, if I build it, the thing will not be easy to tear down and put away but will be very sturdy with access precisely where I need it. HMMMMM…


Did you give any thought to just continuing to flower in the room, then staggering when you start plants? You have a pretty good amount of space, seems reasonable to start half of the room and then get the other half going 4-5 weeks later. Or, divide the room into thirds 3ish weeks apart.

I only say that because even with a high quality tent it’s still growing in a tent. Going from room grow to tent grow kinda sucks.


I did think of this…sounds like the voice of experience…

If we do decide to expand to a flowering tent, any specific advice to minimize how much it sucks going from room to tent?


GO BIG lol


My biggest tent is 3x3 and to be honest I wish it was bigger lol I like more room


I’m not sure if a have any specific advice, but the tent will feel like its smaller than it really is. I really like 3x3 layout in tents. They are super easy to light with shelf components, and I can reach everywhere in tent from a single access point. In my head something like an 8x8 tent means you’re leaving a lot dead space just to be able to access all of it.