Is there a grow tent system you would recommend for someone starting out?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’ve finally decided to start growing my own supply. Is there a grow tent system you would recommend for someone starting out?

Size depends on your expectations and available space. Got a garage or half a room?
Lots of different sizes and prices on Amazon. Most will be ok with a tent that will hold three full grown bushes in 3.5 or 5 gallon black buckets w/blk lids. A friend found a 4’x4’x80" for $70 on sale. Full price was listed as $139. A good tent package will have holes for air, elec and ventilation…AND, a floor liner to keep things neat!!! Don’t buy if no floor liner. Smaller tents like 24"x24"x4’ as well as 10’x10’x80"+ are also available.

Get a measuring tape, check the location you have available. Lay out string, towels anything to show you how much actual space you will use for the project. Find the tent size and PRICE…that best suits your needs. Keep in mind, it will be there taking up space for at least 3 months for most grows.


@tanlover442 gave good advice. I started with a 24x48x70 and found it was not tall enough. Had to get creative on carbon filter and intake air. I pretty qjuickly decided to SCROG my plants in it to keep them under control.

Recently I picked up a 4’x4’x6.5’ tent since I had the room and it is more versatile. The plan with is is 4 sativa (3 Blue Dream and one Super Lemon Haze) in 5 gal smart pots. Going to SCROG them too on bigger scale.

Remember the bigger the tent the more light you will need for it, so smaller tent cheaper to properly light also! :slight_smile:


I’m the customer this thread is referring to. I’m actually considering going with a gorilla grow tent. I’m only looking to start with 2 plants but given how much I’d love to use my garage it’s rather warm in there. Forgive me if this sounds stupid but does it matter it’s not an air conditioned area? Otherwise I was going to go with a 3x3 or 2x4 tent… I’d greatly appreciate the feedback. I could also use a “Growing for dummies” manual as well… don’t want to screw up my yield.


It matters.

As for a “growing for dummies” manual:

You do not want to run temperature extremes with your grow. You want to be able to keep your temps between at least 50F and 90F, with mid-70s to mid-80s being ideal.

Temperature is not the only consideration. You also need to be able to keep your humidity in check. Depending on where your tent sits, you might need ways to increase or lower humidity.

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I’m actually going to set it up in a closet in the house so temperature should be fine…

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Would you recommend using auto flowering seeds or feminized seeds? Not exactly sure what the significant difference is other than the lighting schedule…

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As a beginner, I recommend starting with photoperiod strains. Autos are much more sensitive to stress.

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How will you vent the closet? I also think photos are better for starting out. You make a mistake with a photo you can let it grow out of it. With an auto you can’t.

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@Bogleg It’s going to be in my walk in closet… I’m getting a tent with a ventilation system on it… you folks are awesome by the way!

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IF you can keep the feeding, temps, grow media in line…Auto-Flower Femd would be best. They stay short, bloom regardless of light schedule and some will be ONLY 55 days from S2H(seed to harvest).
However, IF your grow environment or feeding gets out of line…the auto will not work well.

You have not stated type of light to be used. Heat is a problem. LED’ are cool…but low results. I prefer 1000 watt incandescent light. BUT…it is very heat producing…and would not do for a small closest grow.

IF the temps exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit…plants will stretch …and could get cooked to death.

It’s a rather large walk in closet and we keep that room 71 degrees… I’ll be using LED lights. My biggest concern is knowing when to do what. If the schedule in the growers bible are sufficient I’ll be good. I plan on starting with one or 2 plants to begin with. White widow and Blue Dream

First Grow…best to pick out an easy to grow strain. Something that won’t be a sativa that grows to 10’. All the nute mfg’s will have a schedule…not wise to follow it too closely. Different strains have different nute needs and even the same strain will have some that need less or more than the majority.
ALWAYS…start low and go slow on nutes. Seriously, following the feeding schedules have helped me kill too many plants. It dun take long and then it’s too late.
Decide which growing system you will use. Keep nutes low till your Ladies tell you different.

BTW…best to keep small grows the same strain. Less headaches. Less complications.

GET a set of PH and PPM pens…online usually decent set for $20. Important investment.
A temp indicator is also wise. Temps are critical.