New Grower Tent suggestions

New grower here and trying wrap my head around which tent, size etc. Goal is to have 5 plants eventually so want to get the correct size for them. Looking at the gorilla tents and the AC tents. Thinking 5x5 or 4x8. Pros/cons? Thanks in advance for any responses!


2x2 1 plant, 3x3 2-3 plants, 4x4 3-4 plants

I have had 4 and 5 in a 3x3. This current grow, my skill has increased and 4 in my 3x3 was too much flower and humidity for my 4 inch fan to handle, had to move one out into my 2x2


Welcome to the community @Illinoisbuck3!

Budget was my deciding factor :v:, bigger tent, bigger lights more fans etc.

I went smaller and bought a second one…. So there’s always that too😬


Instead of number of plants, how much product do you want?
I have a 3x4 and have grown 2 to 6 plants at a time.
But I will harvest right at 16 ounces from the tent no matter how many plants.


AC Infinity has some nice grow tent kits for 5 plants you’ll need at least a 4x4


My 4x8 is by far my favorite tent. Lotsa room. Sometimes i use half. Sometimes a jungle. If have space for a 4x8 you will not be disappointed.


Welcome! Welcome! Good point @Spiney_norman makes. Actually it’s theee point. A given (sq feet, or sq. meters…) area with a given adequate light intensity, will yield X amount weather you grow 1 or 2 or 22 in that space. Your growing skill will grow as you use LST and topping and pruning and supercroping. But that’s for future grows. The Q is how much do you need or want? Ounces or pounds?


Thanks for the responses guys/gals! Thinking about going 4x8 now so I have room for growth in the future. I know up front costs will be higher but hope to save in the long run. Now to find the right lighting and duct solutions. Looks like most of the complete setups come with 4” duct but I’m thinking 6” to be safe, anybody run this size tent and have recommendations?


A tent that size I think I would go with an 8 inch


Welcome to the community, Something you might think about 4x8 space to light up with quality lights You’re looking at about 1500 bucks Give or take a little depending on brand. 4x4 About half that. Just my thoughts good luck


Whats your budget? This is honestly the determining factor in growspace and lighting. Have you considered the other equipment you are gonna want/need? Soil isnt cheap, nutes and ammenities can get spendy too…consider whatever you do go with for nutes and the like…dont think quarts and oz, think gallons and pounds. Mycos cheaper by the lb, nutes cheaper by the gallon. Would you like suggestions for equipment?


I’m open to any and all suggestions. Haven’t grown for about 20 years, back in the stinky closet days!
Budget isn’t a huge concern as I don’t mind spending the extra up front for equipment that lasts


Would definitely take suggestions on equipment!

Since you are considering AC Infinity - it has an article on sizing a fan for a tent


Lights being the most important piece of equipment for indoor grow. Nail down exact size space. An a lot of indoor growers here to help . :v::+1:


HLG is having a 25% off 4TH sale so you may want to pull that trigger soon


Apera ph60 ph pen

Its about 80 bucks… there is a model below that is green in color thats a lil cheaper. Either is worth its weight in gold. They make one that does both ph and tds/ec… not sure which model it is.

I really enjoy my airpots-

I use 3.5gal but wish I had gotten 5’s.

Water transfer pump. This is a most helpful tool.
Mine moves 1 gallon in just a cple mins, get two!

Gonna need some kinda fan to blow the air around your canopy, I use a tower fan but there are many options available. A humidifier, ultrasonic is nice but requires RO water or it will leave a fine dust everywhere in your tent. Impeller type dont do that no matter the type of water you use.

Need some snips for trimming, jars or grove bags for curing.

I use two metal herb hangers for drying but they make an assortment of drying racks that collapse on themselves even some that are contained units, like this one called the wedry xl

Last Ill recommend a product I just started using this grow and am very excited about how well it has worked

There are a few diff types, I recomend this one, and am looking to try a different brand/blend called real growers recharge.

Im sure there is more but thats not a bad start.


My first concern myself is quality light. A used tent can be done now but a good light right away will grow a plant or 5 anywhere. If the budget allows a 4x8 with lighting…a 6" fan and a circulating fan all you need. Do not have to make it hard or complicated. Super expensive tent vs good light the light will always win. Just me. My 4x8 a cheapie. My lights are not.

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You guys are awesome! Thanks for all of the help, if you guys were buying what light would you get for a 4x8?

@dbrn32 and @MeEasy can steer you. Db is our guru and MeEasy is a tester for a few companies.