Root system check

In a learning effort I rinsed my roots after harvest to get a look at them. I grew an auto NL in reg potting soil. Used dg bloom. Just 1/2 tsp per gallon of water once or twice a week. Had auto in a three gallon pot. The roots just seemed a little clustered and didn’t reach the full boundaries of the pot. Wondering if a lighter soil mixed with perlite would let my roots wander more.

It’s possible cannabis roots will wander as far as you let them

Looking at the roots of have guessed it was in a smaller pot then 3 gal

She was an autoflower, autoflowers don’t get big root systems, simply because autoflowers don’t grow for very long, nor have a long enough life cycle to develop a descent root system


I think that’s what my problem is here! I originally had just outside topsoil. It’s great soil, from a prime river bottom corn field. @ktreez420 gave me a heads up that I should add perlite, but I don’t think I used enough (about 1/3 bag). So my THEORY is that this thing is still a dwarf at 3 weeks because the soil’s just too damned dense, and the roots are stunted. That’s the only thing I can think of. #firstgrowlessons :wink:

Whaddy’all think, should I transplant it into a new mix of potting soil and perlite? It’s a photo that I’d like to take cutting from, so I’m not in a big hurry.


I’d do it. Mine was trained and tied low for space so over time soil was hard to see. And it got compacted and harder than I’d like. Guess it’s like outside. Over here I have plants I just stuck in clay soil. Over there I have same soil but I dug it out loosened it up Growing better She was bushy so blind poured water in middle over time hardened. Really took some doing to hose off the roots Last year every hippie on the mountain giving or selling compost on Craigslist. Not this year. Dammit. Lol. I’m a get me a couple acres and start me a farm. Worms and compost Then sell super soil
Jheezy’s mix Makes growing eeezy. :joy:

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I’ve had this pepper in pot for ever. Not growing But this pepper I have in an old pallet with a sheet holding soil in growing better. Weird same soil diff pot. I’d say a smart pot would do you right. If I can ever hold onto a $20 gonna get one and fill with happy frog. Think 12qt bag $9.

Did it! New home is about 1/2 store-bought topsoil, 1/4 perlite, and 1/4 MiracleGro (I was low on the last two, or it would have been 1/3 of each). Hopefully this baby will take off now! I gave her a good watering with 50% nutes.


Lovely. You gonna put that pic in your wallet. To show folks your baby?

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Well shit, as I go to bed tonight, THIS happened! Damn, hope tomorrow morning looks better . . . sigh

Hope this will help


Yikes. What do ya think ph off? Hard to tell sometimes what deficiency is. Calcium? Manganese?

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Well, I just uprooted this babe after 3 weeks of bad growth, and as I placed her into the new dirt, I broke up the root ball with my fingers underneath the soil as I placed her down in the new home. So I’m allowing a few days of hardcore stress relief before I try and diagnose.

Give it vitamin B1 you should be able to fix that problem…

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Or flush soil completley because it likely there is a toxic build up and it’s throwing other nutrients into deficiencies.

You can flush with 1/4-1/2 tsp of Epsom salt per gallon, and try to give a light feeding with veg nutrients

Definatley not calcium or manganese

No points for me today. Nards!

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Haha it’s alright, you’ll be able to spot right away what it is once you see it, of course that is when you grow long enough, don’t know if your a begginer or not but I give you credit for trying :thumbsup: