First-time grower, may have planted one of my autos too shallow?

I never thought I’d be acting on 16-year-old me’s pipe dream of caring for my own cannabis plant, but here we are: I almost feel I’ve been paying too much attention to my new bud-giving friends :sweat_smile:

I’m working with ILGM Northern Lights autos. Three seeds germed so far (one died due to overwatering, lesson learned; waiting for a third to sprout in jiffy pellet), but the first one I planted in a 0.5g pot for pot kit and it’s the furthest along so far. Both plants are under a 42W CFL, a high-powered GE LED and a kinda crappy FEIT Electric LED for a minor boost of red light.

My concerns are regarding the plant that’s furthest along: after I watered it today (lightly and with care, after taking it outside by the handles on the fabric pot so it got some sun), it fell over to the side under the weight of its own leaves. It’s almost like the stem isn’t strong enough to fight the pull of gravity - or planted way too shallowly. I don’t have a picture of the fallen-over sprout right now, but here’s the plant as it was a few days ago (10 days in)

I’m thankful for any advice yall can dispense!

Just make sure when you transplant you bury it deeper that will resolve that stretch you can also use a Popsicle stick or something to hold it up until the stalk strengthens.


Get some wood or metal skewers to act as support. Looks like it isn’t getting enough light so its stretching to reach for it.


Gotcha! I’ll probably end up going with the latter option, the other plant I’m sprouting rn’s in a seed pod and will be transplanted to a 2G fabric pot later on but this one’s gonna stay in the 0.5G (the idea of a cannabis bonsai sounds crazy, which is exactly why I want to try it someday haha.)

The stalk is still thin and delicate. Would you suggest using the leaves as a support, so that they lean into the stick and hold the plant up? Just wanna make sure I don’t stress her any more than I already have.

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You could always attach the stick to the stalk with a pipe cleaner something delicate. And it doesn’t have to be tightly attached.


Ooooh, so that’s what stretching looks like. Oof. I’ll move the CFL a little closer once I straighten her up, how low of a height would you say it could be hung at before the leaves are at risk?

Duly noted. Just spent the past 5 minutes at work turning two coffee stirrers and strips of paper bag into a flexible stick, here’s to fixing her up when I get home tonight. Thank you!

I would recommend about a foot , but honestly it comes down to light intensity.

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You can use about any thing. I used a trellis clip to let mine lean against. You can see her stalk was deformed. It really doesn’t take much support. Mine was standing on her own after about 3 days


Should have taken that mesh bag off before planting.

The seedling will grow through the bad with no issues. I have roots coming out of final pots :grin:
And I use the mesh often my self. I like you just drop them in a hole and are done :grin:

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