My First Ever Grow. Of auto's first ever plant

As requested by a few people as i must be driving people crazy with all my different topic so one easy topic and 2hat better than a grow journal so i can get help and advice and keep you all upto date of my grow aswell so thank you all in advance.
I have also added support ticket to help out a bit aswell. Am also a novice when it comes to computing.

@bob31 tag you were am still learning how to navigate the site. If you could pop up and explain for me please as i would like to findout 1 if tht is whats causing her not to grow during flower like the others are. Am getting confused . 2 is there anything i can do for example clean her roots up if she is rootbownd. I guess it will teach me to calm down a bit and relax when i am transplanting. I am lucky i can remember what she looked like before i transplanted her roots. I just need to find pictures of plants with roots vislbe so i can see them and compare them to see if there was any problems before i transplanted her

Strain; Type, =smokey bear autoflower Female

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? =2 in soil mixed with perlite and vermiculite. And 1 in soil and coco coir mixed with perlite and vermiculite. And all 3 are in dirt pots which are fabric 11litres

System type?= ??? Dont understand whats system ment.

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?= EACH ONE WAS DIFFERENT. 1. AKA "CHARLIE "1311 PPM Ph 5.8 PERFECT SHE IS IN SOIL AND COCO. 2. AKA “COCO” 532 PPM Ph 5.15. Both 1 + 2 are at day 42. 3. AKA “MUNCHKIN” 671 PPM Ph 5.03. So 2 and 3 are in soil perlite and vermiculite mixed together. And 1 is in soil, coco coir, perlite and vermiculite.

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS= only had tds meter a couple of wks and only watered once and tds came back at 844ppm that was the first time i ever used TDS METER WAS FROM WEEK 4/5 AND NOT THE START OF MY GROW.

Indoor or Outdoor= indoor

Light system, size?= cheap 300w led

Temps; Day, Night= day is 24 to 29 . night 25 to 28.

Humidity; Day, Night= day 50 to 55 night 65 to 70

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size= yes 4inch fan into carbon filter then exctracting it out cuboard and another 4inch bringing in fresh air

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,= NO but humidity is between 50 and 70 depending on day or night etc. But normaly i keep it at 50 to 55 during the day then at night normally its 65+

Co2; Yes, No= N/A

I will add better picture later but for now i have these ones up. @bob31 @garrigan62 @70sChick @Alton66 @Kapelady @PhantomFarmer. Any help advice criticism or just a chat i will be very grateful to all.

when i get more time i will post more pics and other stuff for my journal starting from day 1 till the end. And with all your help hope to have some great MEDICINE. Thanks


Looking good so far! I’ll be following along. Cheers!


Thanks for posting a grow journal! @Mikos

I don’t know why the one is not growing. If you could post the pictures under normal or white light (When you can) I can have a look at the plants to see if I see anything.

I would recommend that you stay out of the roots. Roots don’t like light and they don’t like to be fooled with.

What kind of “soil” are you using specifically?

11 Liter pots are ok for Auto Flowering plants but you need something more like 19 liters for photoperiods.

In that last picture it looks like the leaves are touching the soil and you can remove them if they are!


@3high5you thanks can i ask you a question Ppm what should i give and what shouldnt i give ive been waiting to feed them until i know as the ppm i have made up at the moment is 1181 ppm and i just not sure what to do i am yet to ph my feed as it is a bit low. And i have another question its at the top of the topic could you help with both these questions. And anyone else who cares to answer i appreciate it thanks.

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If you looking at the feeding chart/ schedule for the nutes you have it should tell you what the ppm is recommended to be. @Mikos
It also depends on what the TDS PPM is of your runoff when only giving pH water. That is your baseline along with the TDS of the pH’d water before giving.

Gather those three and you will have your answer!


Looks like @bob31 has you covered. That does seem quite high for this early in the grow, but I don’t know where your water started before nutes.

The line you’re using didn’t have a suggested range if I remember correctly. The important thing right now is to figure out what is being used by the plants. To do this you need to check the ppm of water before adding nutes, after adding nutes, and in runoff. This will tell you how much the plants used up and allow you to adjust up or down accordingly.

@bob31 thank you but i dont understand what you mean with baseline etc i am really new to gardening altogether. I have the tds pen and ph pen i know how to use them but i dont understand the rest. Ive given them feed a few times however i have only used tds once tht was last time but i only took numbers and someone on here told me how much was right well the last time it was alot lower but then i didnt have a clue or even understand it all in fine detail i know tht ph level has to be 6 to 7 in soil and 5.5 to 6.5 in hydro or soiless but ppm etc dont get. The last feed i gave them i gave them it in these numbers etc ph for soil 6.15 ppm was 844 and i got they numbers because i gave info to someone on here and thats what i was told that the 844 was good and ph was right aswell. The feed i have made up ready to give the girls is still to be ph’d as its still high before i fed the girls i wanted to get answers to both my questions. I am guessing from what i was told the last time about ppm i wouldve madesure the soup is under 900ppms i have a chart tht gives me a rough guide of the amounts of ppm to give the girls but that is for a different brand from me.

The important things are these:

PH going in
PH coming out
PPM of water source
PPM of nutrient solution
PPM of runoff

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ok lets just take one thing at a time. @Mikos

I asked you what your soil consists of. Lets figure that out. Do you have any of what you mixed up so that you can test it to see what the proper pH should be?

When you add soil and stuff that isn’t soil together depending on how much of each it can cause your pH to be one or the other.

Soil needs 6.5 and soiless mediums like 5.8 ph. We need to figure out where your soil is.

Once we get the soil and pH issue resolved then we can talk about the TDS. It isn’t complicated once you gather all of the data you need! But we will come back to the TDS after this.

@3high5you we are both on the same page. Have him do a slurry test with his soil mixture just like what is in his pots and see what that this. Get that figured out for him and then work on the TDS. I have got to go and harvest and I will check back in later today!


This will be the 2nd feed for the 2 in soil since i have my tds meter and ph meter. I got this far by guessing everything. But now ive the equipment to help with feeding etc. And as for the one in soiless mix (ingredients to the soiless mix was soil, coco coir, perlite ,and vermiculite). I do have the amounts of each ingredient written down some place. I have been writting it all down keeping a log and written journal i guess. I aint the most organised person to everyone however to me i have my own way of doing everything and it works for me wow i must stop that. I apoligise for rattling on throughout this but it is a journal after all lol. Anyway were was i. Oh yes i keep a log so if i do something amazing i should be able to do it again and again. And if i do something wrong i also will know. And having all you people to help so many very talented people not to mention great to talk with to get knowledge on this beautiful and amazing useful plant. There i go again. As i was trying to say also a log to were i go wrong which leads me to the 2nd part to this post my other girl that is 42+ days she is in the soiless mix.( " for people who dont get soiless or understand it as did i until this was told to me. Its classed as soiless because it has coco coir perlite and vermiculite which are all soiless even tho it has soil in the mix its classed as soiless if you need more info on soiless then seek out someone with more knowledge than me on this.") Anyway the one in soiless has not long been flushed and this will be her first proper feed since she been flushed because she had an issue which was caused by wrong ph etc but thts sorted and she is doing great now. However the one that i think now has a issue is COCO MY 2ND GIRL but she is in soil mixed with perlite and vermiculite only however they were all in small pots as in 2litre 6inch pot right up until about 2wks ago when i put them into 11litre fabric pots. The other 2 are loving the new pots but COCO SHE aint grew or nothing maybe a bit fatter. I did panic when i was transplanting them and maybe rushed planting her as in she might well have a root issue tht i didnt realise until she was planted into new pot before i thought about what i saw as i was transplanting. Has me thinking there might be a root issue. What can i do to check and see her roots etc or is there another reason she hasnt grew i cm in 2wks. ??? Does anyone know.???

@bob31 got you al sort the slurry out now and get back to you with all the details and numbers etc.

Soil am using is BN bio nova @bob31

@bob31 hi this makes no sense to me ph is reading 5.50 the water i used to make the slurry was 5.40 ppm of water source is 39 ppm with nute soloutions is 1181 and ph is 4.70 and i will get you the run off once i feed the girls.

You need to pH the nute solution @Mikos bring it back up to 5.8 before you use it.

And we can talk about all of the numbers when you get finished.

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@bob31 thanks so i wont feed them till i have got it to 5.8 first and i will check tds again incase it might have changed the tds.

correct, it should change the TDS as well. @Mikos

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I did all tht even got tds down to 932 then my worst nightmare i dropped my TDS pen into the soup as i was checking it to see if its under 900 but i wont know for sure the ph is 5.8 and it could be under 900 but cant be 100% but if i had to guess then i would say its under 900. I am hoping my tds pen will work once it drys out i hope if not am totaly screwed until thursday till i can get a special delivery for a new one. @bob31

The TDS is not the real biggie in my book anyway. It’s important but the pH is more important.

So I’m a little confused. Can you tell me what you pH readings were? and then we can talk about the TDS

Also remind me hold old your plants are? That should be included under the strain in your support ticket as well. @Mikos

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Yeah numbers are as follows ph of water source is 5.40 ph of feed is 5.8. Ppm of water source is 39. @bob31

Did you get the runoff pH?