Rookie needing Late Topping advice

Greetings Grow Gang -
My “Bergman’s Gold Leaf” has taken over, I’ve outgrown the ceiling height in my shed and I think it would be best at this point if I Top it. It’s 4 feet tall, 66 days old, and healthy as all get-out. 4 foot plant, plus the pot it’s in and few inches for hanging the light and I’m JUST about out of space. What say you folks?? Excellent help last time I posted a question - I thank you guys for being good at what you do.


Have pictures?

This doesn’t really show well my total issue. Shouldn’t have started a second plant with only one light. I have since resolved the single light issue - in the mail now. :slight_smile: Hope this answers whatever you’re looking for - if not I’ll reply late tonight with a more clear photo.

According to Ilgm the gold leaf has a pretty good stretch in flower. That means it’s going grow taller quickly when you switch to 12/12.

You could try bending it, like I did once. Just attach a string near the top and slowly (over several days) pull it down a good 6”-8”. It’ll be slanted, but it might be the best option. The colas will grow straight up though.

Topping it will shock the hell out of her.

Got it. Thank you!

Definitely bend her over, but why not flower her now if your space is limited?


Best to do LST and bend it over…slowly a little each day till mostly horizontal.
Bud sites will start growing colas.



I’m supercropping everything and loving the results. I took the main stem on my blueberry auto and suoercropped 3/4 of the way down, then after 2 days I propped it straight back up.

I did this as I wanted to produce the knuckle that happens at the break in the stem. It seems to make the part past the knuckle stronger and bigger.


Because… she could get BIGGER! :slight_smile:
2nd plant ever. I’m not sure when to pull the plug. I’m outta control here, man!!!
Thinking the bend her over idea works best for me. And flower now… I think that also has to happen. I’ve always wanted to see a 7 foot giant. This thing could easily be a monster if I gave it the right world to live in. It’s been on fire since the forth week. I JUST CANT DECIDE!!! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

@Vexer @AAA @tanlover442 @Drinkslinger Thanks all y’all - helpful comments and I’ll move forward by bending this girl AND flipping my light schedule. Thanks again!!!


Finally found this pic. Admittedly the plant was 6’ tall before bending, but it had to fit in a 5’ tent… with lights.


Ok - I tried to find this answer in other threads but it’s still unclear so I’ll ask here. I have one Auto and one not, just Fem. can I flip to 12-12 for a few days until the big one flips and then go back to something like 18-6 ?? Or will this stress the Bergmans gold leaf?

I wouldn’t do that. Once you flip, that’s it.


X2, flip and that’s it.


Inconsistent light will sends mixed signals to the plants. The Auto will do fine with good light. However, next time …suggest you keep same variety of all plants in a grow.

Best NOT to make things more complicated.

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I’m learning this lesson very clearly. Lol.

Each new grow is a new adventure…and it’s always a learning curve.