Gold leaf fem,super lemon haze auto, early miss auto,amnesia haze auto, ceral milk auto

Well I officially finished my first grow, bout to end my 2nd grow, critical fast buds n got zkittkles but zkittles got some time still…but now got a 17 day old gold leaf fem an super lemon auto n jus planted early miss n have amnesia haze n ceral milk germination


When growing a photoperiod to keep height at a minimum I can top them??? An is topping like mainlining??? An does anyone know what are some other ways to keep height at a low??? I have her in a 3 gal fabric pot @Mark0427 @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32 @Hellraiser

You can top as long as in veg. If you are looking for additional methods, bending and supercropping will both work.

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What’s supercroping??yes she is 3 weeks from seed so bout 19-18 days from sprout… This is my first photoperiod n I figure I can flip lights after a month of veg I don’t have much height to play with

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@MidwestGuy has you set with link above. If you have questions beyond the article let us know.


What they said.

I don’t get it I pinched a branch hell even bent one down but didn’t brake it… I’m confused n my phone don’t always work right so I cant always get on YouTube @Hellraiser @MidwestGuy @dbrn32

Hey y’all wanted to ask, what do you think would make leaves fall off jus by barely touching them n some were light yellow even going up whole leaf

an some leaves had a faded yellow

It’s not a method I use regularly, but kinda roll stem in fingers to soften then pinch hard. If you still don’t feel it crack then start to bend slightly while pinching.

I grab a part of the stem with thumb and forefinger of one hand and then and twist the stem in one direction with thumb and forefinger with the other hand til I hear or feel the hurd break, just like how Kyle Kushman does it.

That means they were going to fall off pretty soon, the plant is defoliating itself.

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Yea but she nowhere near ready what should I do??? Do I feed her? She is in natures living soil an oceans forest with some happy frog at top of soil so no burns happened, today earlier I top fed her wit oceans forest hoping that she is hungry but idk I’m having lil trouble with skittles

Gold leaf fem photoperiod she is 3 weeks n 3 days old in a 2-*2-*4 vivosun tent also in 3 gal fabric to hopefully control height

4 inch exhaust have the artic chill in there keeping temps low 80s but aiming for 77-79 with humidity between 40s n 50s using mars hydro 600 - 100 wattsbout 2 ft from plant

If it’s just lower leaves than I wouldn’t worry about it, the plant decides to drop off leaves that have lost their usefulness. If you have to feed is hard to say with that mix of soil you have, best way to tell is check the runoff ppm and if lower than 1000ppm, then you would want to feed it.


Yea I havnt gotten run off yet bout time I do