Week 7 Gold Leaf Candy Kush and GSC

The monster candy Kush main cola above the light and sub colas less than 8” from SF-2000. This girl is almost touching top of tent. The gold leaf beside it doing well. The GSC in the back are doing well. Treating for calcium deficiency on Kandy. This is my 3rd grow and still learning.


Plants look healthy ! You might consider gently pulling and tying some limbs down to get a little space between tops an the light. Good luck


I would bend the main stalk over gently as the top is going to get fried with a bad case of light and heat burns. My plants usually will grow horizontal once loaded. So I just bend my them over.


That main stalk is like a pencil. I tied the main cola back away from the light but no where to go with the ones directly under it without stealing light from the GSC behind them. They are not putting on the weight yet like the Kandy. I think I am going to skip veg cycle next time so I don’t have a monster problem like this again lol.

Bend over and tie them as best as you can. Next grow try topping, will keep them much shorter.

I don’t call this a monster plant because your tent is small. Now I do grow Super Monsters indoors. Just bend her over and she will adapt. After 1 or 2 weeks she will stay horizontal then release her. :+1:

It’s a monster for me caused by being a total noob lol. There won’t be a next one as My next grow is going to be a skip veg grow. I saw your monsters and indeed my one 78” girl does not hold a candle to that. I’ve been sitting back reading all the great help you guys provide keep up the good work. I think I only have 2 weeks left on this one as I am at the end of week 7 flower.

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Plants will not skip Veg! Topping and LST will keep the height down. Are you going by time or will you be checking with a magnifying device for tri on bud sites?

When I say skip veg I mean grow from seed on 12 hour cycle only. I watched time lapse on utube and a buddy of mine has 4 plants grown only on 12 hour cycle and they are doing great. My current girls problem was caused because this noob had mistaken preflower with Autoflower. Otherwise I would have topped it. Such a learning curve for this hobby. I use visual to judge. Kandy and Gold leaf have 9 week flower periods. The gold is starting to turn but the Kandy is still very active.

Oh yes agreed on the 12-12 the whole grow. I was just saying thats a stage they must go thru and there are nutrients for each stage. Go with your plan, sounds like you know exactly what you want. Look into info on tri comb and clear or cloudy or amber to dial your grow into the stage that you like best. Maybe for a single plant or next grow… stay lit :hotsprings:

I have always picked at 75% red pistols. My last gelato was amazing. I can’t imagine why people would go longer but to each his own.

I am not disagreeing with you i was just wondering if you used that method, or if you heard of it and found your way easier. Sharing info basically both ways. Its a learning process for all and many factors contribute to whats best for each situation.

I’m only on my third grow. I have only gone by the 75 to 80 percent rule. I love it that way. My friend goes full amber after he tasted my gelato he changed his mind. I tried his but it just wasn’t as good he went too long and over dried it. A lot of good advice comes from this site.

I prefer mostly cloudy with some amber. But it is a pain to try and get a good picture. I also noticed that based on colors changing it can be 2 or more weeks more than advertised. I was hoping for a better way for me to judge when. This is only my 4th with a .5 if i grow the clones the following grow.

In all honesty I just follow the pictures they have posted in the grow guides as my guide. With saying that my gold leaf flower time is 9 weeks. I am at the end of week 7. I have 80 85 % coverage. I’m thinking maybe next week. What do you think?

The tricombs are mostly cloudy as far as i can see I would say your right on track for next week! Excellent job well done! Stay lit