Reversing light schedule

I’m currently growing two grandaddy purple auto flowers and one gold leaf femanized in one 3x3 tent. The auto flowers are budding and near ready for harvest. The gold leaf is vegging. My plan is to harvest the autos and then spread the gold leaf out on the screen I’ve got installed in the tent and switch to a 12/12 lighting schedule to flower the gold leaf. I was thinking of changing the light timing to come on at night and off during the day so that heat from the LED light I’m using could be used for nighttime heat in the tent (it’s getting into the 40s F at night these days). Will that completely mess up the gold leaf if I make that drastic a change?


Should be fine. When changing the light schedule just go for extended darkness, then resume desired schedule.


I did this last grow.


I did the same thing also. Plants did fine!

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Good Morning @Lucy2 @JaneQP @Covertgrower @Newt. I am so happy y’all asked and answered this question. It was on my question list as well!! :blush::v: