Auto’s and gold leaf grown together

I am in my first week of seedling if I am saying it correctly. I germinated the seeds and planted them. I have Three Autoflower and Two Den Gold leaf plants. Is it ok to grow them in the same tent since gold leaf has a specific lighting schedule.
Also should I be switching the lighting during this early of the stage

You can have any schedule for the autoflowers.


@mzlaina00 @Covertgrower
Cover is right auto will kinda just do there own thing no mater the light schedule its all about the genetics.

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Welcome to the forum. When they are this young you can run 24-hours of light for a week or so. Then go to 18/6 until they show sexual maturity then flip to 12/12. The 12/12 will trigger flowering in the photos and I find, while not needed, it helps my autos also.

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Thank you so much for the advise !!! all of them have raised above the soil and some have lil leaves

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