Is it autoflower?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

my plants have seemed to of gone into flower without me doing so is it possible my gold leaf seeds got mixed up with autoflower seeds I’m really confused

What is your light schedule?

And how old are they?

They were on 24 hours of light and I have recently put them on 18/6 schedule

They are only about a month old

Sounds like they must be auto’s.

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I’m whit @Screwauger, definitely autoflowering strain

i want a auto that flowers after 2 weeks. is it ilgm?

Some say you can leave the lights on 24/7. Can you?

you can. most say its better to allow the plant to go through some dark metabolism. i have heard a light protocol that makes sense to me: 24/0 during early seedling say first week, 18/6 during veg say 2-3 weeks, then 12/12 until harvest.

but you can do 24/0 the whole time. idk how it affects yields, but i hear there is no additional benefit to it