Auto flower and light cycle

Hello everybody. So I am new to the Auto flower thing. My ? Is can you leave your light set at 18 6 for the entire grow? I have purchased gsce auto and gg auto and want to start several with a couple weeks in between each 2plants. Is it possible to do in the same room? I will start posting grow soon.


Yes, as long as the auto flowering genetics are dominant, and it flowers on its own. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to switch it to 12/12. Most people don’t have issues. But occasionally.


Thank you for the info.

Welcome to the community autoflowers love their light some( including me) run them at 20/4 and some even go 24 /0 (sometimes only for 1st 2 weeks sometimes seed to harvest)


Everything I have read about auto’s is in line with what @GreenSnek said.

@Covertgrower and @GreenSnek have you covered but Incase you need another 2c I’ll toss mine in.

I stirckly grow autos and in a research dork.

I run my plants 24hr on for the first two weeks, then I grow on 20hr on 4hr off.
Running 24hr on can cause deficiencies to fast and it is believed in some circles autos still need a break just not as much, most autoflower growers use this light cycle.

At 4 weeks if you haven’t seen it flip then put into 2 days of darkness owed by 12/12 as @Covertgrower stated.
You can try just going to 12/12 but if that doesn’t work you will have to put into two days of darkness.


@Franksandbeans; Welcome to the community.

Technically autos don’t require a light schedule, so I would say yes to your question


I am not sure if this has been talked about here or not, but i am currently on week 7 day 1 of the autoflower gold leaf grow and I have no signs of budding. I am thinking of switching from an 18/6 light cycle to a 12/12 light cycle she is currently 12-14 inches tall. well I hope they are females lol, but I hope flipping will maybe push them into flowers? Though suggestions much appreciated!



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Yea all the auto seeds sold on ilgm are feminized (even though it’s not super obvious from the store) but you’re definitely getting to the point where you can try to manually flip them but some autos can veg as long as 10 weeks before naturally flipping .Also welcome to the group mate good growings

I ran my autos actually for 24 hrs straight autos will flower on their own no need for a switch

And they don’t get that tall at all my end plant was about 32 inches maybe



So auto flowers dont have to be 18/6 on the vegetative stage ? Mines are 2 weeks old and I have been doing 18 on 6 off the whole time that’s what I thought it was correct


That’s the beauty of autos there is no correct light schedule they ll work with anything you give them 12,18,20,24 it all depends on how hard you want to push them


I just want to have to most yield I can from autos in the end


Gotta figure out what works best for that plant. They’re like us, alive. So what will work amazing for one plant, even of a same strain, might not work as well for another. 1 little variable can change or big ones. Just listen to them and they’ll do what they can for you.


By the way, anyone ever do 19/5 light schedule? Lol. I mean, itll work with an auto, right? Sorry. I’m sorta high, not sure if this is as funny to everyone else as it is to me.

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Autos are great because they need little to no dark time, although you should give them a nap it really helps with recovery and to prevent deficiencies piling up. Most auto growers run 24hr for two weeks followed by 20/4

Really you should all be worrying about your DLI

Is DLI Daily Light Interval? :thinking:

And why should one worry about it? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Because it’s the only way to truly measure how much light/energy a plant is getting.
If I have more powerful lights and I run my lights at 12/12 on an autoflower yet you run 18/6 with not as good of equipment my plants may still be getting more energy than yours…

This is the only way to really get a good idea of if your giving your plant enough energy