Auto flower and light cycle

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Hey all, as usual great info on here.

So I thought I had auto flowers, as they started flowering outside when light was still 13-14 hours per day (late august in NY State). I brought them inside and turned on the lights 18/6. After much thought and gazing at the plants, I think maybe they aren’t autos after all and the long light cycle has started turning them back to veg. And the flowers themselves don’t really seem to be growing that much. So I just this morning switched the lights to 12/12, thinking I have to force them back into flower. This sound right to youse experts?


Beginning to see a lot of these. Auto flowers that got the recessive gene. They don’t flower until 12/12 like you observed.

I have a few ggAuto all planted at the same time. Some on 24 and some 18/6. The ones on 24 7 have clearly started flowering much faster and aggressive the those on 18/6. I am going to try this several times to see if hours on make a difference


All on the same wattage light

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I know this is old post but any definitive answers on 24/7 flowering faster?

Of course some people think that autos are on a timer like the plant has a clock ticking down , but it’s actually based on size and maturity of the plant, if you screw up and stunt them at 2-4 inches tall they’ll usually veg longer to recover ( though I’ve seen some people who stunt them for SO long they flower anyways)

Just been reading up on a “lantern” cycle…
12 on
5.5 on
5.5 off

Interesting theory as well…

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Someone around here does 6/2 schedule I considered doing a 6:40/1:20 to mimic my 20 hour schedule but the theory is that with mini breaks they have more explosive growth

Read on that a bit as well… think I see some experiments in my future

I wouldn’t just get lucky and you’ll get a pheno like this 2x2x3.5 banana blaze auto , I’m easily gonna get at least 6 Oz from her

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Love your tagname @Franksandbeans “There’s Something about Mary” With my Auto’s I have tried 20/4 19/5 18/6 I have now settled on 13/11 and they seem to like this the best Temp is 77-79 and RH is 45-50% and it is good to see new folks joining up more info welcome to the jungle Happy Growing!

I did this for a month they didn’t like it at all. Had many problems with growth and deficients burnt leaves growth of leaves not flowers ,so I backed the hours down they are better

Most important thing with what ever light cycle you use , You must get your DLI in ever day, 20/4 18/6 please download photone app Get ur DLI dialed in easy way to get your light in right place

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I didn’t have that one I’ll load it and try it It different from the one I use now Thanks