Looking for autoflower lighting schedule

After germinating autos, how many hours of light do my plants need for vegetative growth and also how many hours of light to flower ?


A lot of people run an 18/6 light cycle for the full life of an auto.


Welcome to the community ! 18/6 is a good choice for autos also if you choose to grow a couple photos along with the Autos they will finish up just fine on 12/12 after light flip for photos .


I’ve found that 18/6 seems to give me the best return on my autos. The plants def need a rest period for optimal growth.
I’ve flowered them with my photos on 12/12 as well with no real loss of yield.


I’m currently running 20/4. You can run them 24/0 if you want but I would switch to at least 20/4 during flowering.

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I have done 6/2 on repeat this run with my autos. They seem to love the frequent rest and don’t stress from to much light. Check it out.

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