Auto in same tent

Hi everyone, first time with a auto plant. Can you have a plant in the same tent as a regular plant that is not an auto. What my question is when the auto flips itself to flowering, if the lights stay on a 18/6 schedule for the regular plant that is still in veg, will it mess up the auto? Any info would be great. Thanks


Go for it you’ll be fine. When you flip to 12/12 for photo. Auto will be fine. Auto will grow under just about any reasonable light schedule


im doing that right now.

i will not flipp until i harvest my autos, then ill send the photosensitive one into flower by reducing to 12h light 12H dark.

i think putting autos into your tent is always a good opption if you have the space.


So the Auto will flower fine with a 18/6 light schedule?

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she did for me.

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That’s the most common light schedule for autos I prefer 16-8 but anything works well from 12-12 to constantly on. I think some rest is good for the :potted_plant:

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Yes it will flower 18/ 6 or 12 / 12. And as @sparky66 mentioned anything in between.

Yes, she’ll do fine.