Revegging Wash 1.0 (first time trying)

16 days after harvest, this is what we have so far.

And these…

After harvest I gave it some nitrogen rich plant food and water, and started her back on 18/6 lights.


And I also gave her a thin layer of muck/soil fertilizer.

I’ve reveged a plant and harvested 3 times when I did indoor. Some say it weakens the potency but for me it was the exact opposite.


What…am new, so you harvested and letting it go back into veg stage. This going to be a journal?

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I certainly could start a new journal for this phase.
I was also hoping some more experienced growers might see this post over the next few days and give some advice.


@Hellraiser, you ever done this? If so, what did you take away from it?

Here’s what she looked like after harvest.

I did pinch off those tiny popcorn buds.


Yeah, I’ve done this many times over the years, easy stuff. You’re on the right track with giving it a small amount of grow ferts, but I used 24 hour light and in 2-3 weeks you’ll see some new growth coming out of the buds, it’ll be like each bud was a fimmed top. You’ll get so many new branches that you’ll want to eliminate many of them as it’s better to have 10 strong branches over 100 thin small weak ones.


I would also transplant into a bigger pot when she gets some more growth, give her some fresh new soil to grow into and she will reward you at harvest time.

This girl was harvested, used as a clone mother for a couple years and re-flowered and harvested again.

Potency, not affected, still spectacular


I’m pickin up what you’re puttin down. She’s in a 5 gal bucket now. A different bucket with fresh soil and nutes? I could stick her in the ground, but that would be one-and-done.

And how much growth should I see before transplanting for better soil/bigger pot?

I had mine in a 5 gal then after harvest and after a couple weeks of good veg growth, I moved her up to a 7 gal, knocking off some of the old dirt without damaging too many roots, wanted to get as much fresh soil in there as possible, then start a light grow nute regimen like you normally would for a plant of that size. I’d go up to 7 gal at least, 10 gal would be even better if you have room to veg a really big girl. Looking at your pics, I’d transplant anytime now or within a couple weeks as they’re back into full scale veg growth.


Like this?


Yep, just like that.


Thanks for the advice. I didn’t know that kind of crazy growth was a common happening. I thought I had done a sh!tty job cloning.



@hellraiser So I moved Wash to a 7 gal pot on 5/11 and moved her permanently outside. Here she is today 5/23.

The move the bigger pot and live outside has really kicked off the veg.

@Zee She’ll be getting company soon. One of her daughter is moving out with her.


Nice, looking good!

One of the coolest processes on growing I have seen. As you said, the growth of her in 2 weeks is amazing.

Am set to watch, see what kind of difference daughter has compared to mom.

Really cool thread!!

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I wonder if potency would really be affected…if proper nutes and light were given. The plant’s genetics hasn’t changed. I don’t think the botanical chemistry of the plants would change with progressive cycle changes. Would it?

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Thanks, Zee. Here’s a pic of her daughter.

I’ll get one of them together in a bit.


That makes sense to me. Nothing changed, why would potency? Unless you had an outlier like cropping sooner, or as you mentioned soil or lights.

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