Does she look ready?

Does she look ready to harvest, it’s been over 90 days , white widow auto . I just started flushing, what is the least amount of time I can flush. I used Bergman ( ilgm) nutrient’s.

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Did you use up all of your Growtime veg food? I have 4 GSCE that are 40 days old with no sign of flower and only enough leftover for possibly another feeding. I’ll be substituting something else to finish veg. The bag was tiny lol.

As of this morning

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@matty777 Start feeding again.
You’ve got at least another 6 weeks left. Just based on what I see in your pics.



The hairs are very white still, could the center cola be cropped over to get it back with the rest of the canapés?

Hey @matty777 , Its looking good but heres what will happen now.

You have whats on the left…
With a few more weeks you get to what you see on the right.
Nevermind the grow times you have read. It takes whatever it takes.


You think so? This is my 1st grow . I had issues with the ph which stunted the growth for sure but I have the ph at 6.7 now. The leaves are turning yellow and she gets nutrient burn even with a 200 ppm feeding . The buds aren’t nearly the size I thought they would be , I think it might be time to harvest. Let me know! Thanks .

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How come the leaves are yellowing on mine?

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Do you know how to do a slurry test?

Is that testing the run off water?

Also why does she keep burning with low nutrients ?

I tested the run off water from the flush and the reading was at 6.7 ph

Either the nutrients are built up in the soil as leftover salts
Or your pH in the soil is way off.
Basically for a slurry test use a 1 to 1 mix of the plain water you mix your nutriens in (but just plain with no additions), and some soil from a couple inches down in the grow bag.
1 to 1 would be for example 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup soil.
Mixt together and let set for 15 minutes.
Test pH and PPMs. See where you are.


That was very helpful . Thanks . I’m gonna do a slurry test and see what I end up with. What Ppm should I be feeding at this point ?