Let her go longer or chop her down?

So I haven’t given her anything but water in 10 days and was planning on harvesting tomorrow. This auto has been going for over 4 months now: however the buds still keep getting bigger and have a lot of white pistols still. The trichomes are milky not yet amber. ( I included a picture under a magnifying glass ,3rd pic)

I am almost thinking about feeding her one more time today with 800ppm and harvest next weekend or the following . Any advise ? Should I chop her tomorrow or feed one more time and harvest in a week or two?


I personally like to wait until I have some amber trichromes. Can you post a pic of those? They’ll tell you exactly what you want to know.

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If your trichomes are clear, let her keep going. If the buds are growing, let her keep going. The patience you give her in the next couple of weeks is going to pay off immensely. That is an absolute beast! Let her get fatter, let the trichomes develop further. It would be just awful to harvest her before she’s ready. Some autos can wait to even start flowering until 10 or 11 weeks. Yours looks good and will only look better.


Thanks I know your right, just wAnted to see someone say it. Do you think I Should go ahead and feed her today ?

How long have you been in flower? As big as those buds are, and if your ppms and pH have been pretty good, I don’t think it would hurt. I mean jeez, that thing is almost offensive :joy: beautiful though! Awesome looking plant!

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I completely agree with @Borderryan22 . The amount of feed given should be commencerate with the amount of light given. I’d feed right up to a day or 2 before chop. You should be able to hit a home run with that thing in a few more weeks! Nice!


It’s my first grow . Haha


That is a great looking lady!

I am not a botanist but can we say Apical Dominance

Holy crap, what a bud. I think I’d let it go a little bit longer.

I went ahead and fed her 800ppm in a half gallon of water so we’ll see what happens, the run off ph read At 6.7 so all seems well. Thank you everyone for the advice and support. As I said this is my first grow but this forum made it possible for me to have such a pretty girl for my first grow!

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When did you decide to trim her up like that? I was looking at mine and wondering today before I saw your monster!!