Round 2 after harvesting?

A question from a fellow grower:

After harvesting my plans when that time comes. Can I put my lamp back on to 18 hours and 6 hours off to start growing again off the same plants or are they dead after

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I’m just about to harvest a girl I revegged in DWC. Expecting at least 4oz of her and I had given her up for dead. lol

It will take up to a month for a plant to regenerate if it’s going to. Make sure to leave a few lower branches. Can be tiny little ones but you need a bit of greenery for new growth to start from. The first leaves will be single bladed and may look distorted but the next ones will be 3 fingers and so on until it gets back to the kind of leaves it had before.

Don’t overfeed it and keep it in a bit lower light conditions until you see some new growth. A couple of 6500K CFLs is plenty to get her going again. As the plant(s) already have a good root system once they get going they grow really fast and a month after they start they can be flipped back to flower and another harvest is on it’s way! :smile:

Re-vegging is a great way to cut down on growing times and also to keep a strain going that turned out to have killer smoke but you neglected to take cuttings from. Doesn’t work every time but doesn’t cost much to try either.


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Yes you can re=veg the plant as long as you leave enough foliage to keep the plant taking nutrients. IN fact, I find that re-vegging in 12/12 photo period works really well. For one thing; This allows for faster and stronger new root growth. You already have a big plant. All you need is the buds to reform.

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