Reveg help plz asap!

I had 5 med plants but 1 got harvested, i still have 4 more, weeks apart. 1 is a Pineapple Express #2 which literally got discontinued by canuck seeds. I wanna reveg it since i cant get seeds. But since i got the other plants that wont be done as soon, i only got 1 light. Can i chop it and leave some branches and let it flower after chopping for a couple weeks in 12/12 along side my other plants finishing ripening up until i can switch it to 18/6 again or will it get messed up n die? What can i do???

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Yes you can reveg.@Newt@ @Hellraiser knows more about cloning @JaneQP


You may be able to. Be sure to leave enough growth (read leaves) to power photosynthesis. Once you harvest your others, then put it under 24 hours of light for the first week (or 2) then back it down to 18/6. You will see a lot of funky new growth as she re-veges, so don’t be alarmed by that.


Just like Newt says,
I recently revegged a Harlequin. Its grown into a massive mother plant. I could supply a small town with clones.

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Very grateful for ur help ty! Why do u say “or 2” ? Will the new growth start immediately? Also will doing 48 hours of darkness for more terps,smell,flavor be ok before starting the 24hr cycle?first time ever grower btw

Did u do 48 hrs darkness before reveg? Is it possible to do so?

Appreciate ur help ty!

Nope. Just placed it under 18/6

The or two is completely up to you. 24/0 just accelerates the process. No idea what affect 48 hours of darkness might have. I no longer do that, as it tends to raise the humidity i my tent higher than I find acceptable.

And no, the new growth will take a few days.

@2absolute2purity2 so you have 5 plants, one of which you harvested? So you have 4 left? Or is the 5th one “harvested” but not chopped down and that’s the one you want to reveg?

If you leave it under 12/12 for a couple more weeks, it will continue to bud along with those that you haven’t harvested yet, making it harder to reveg. How far along are the other 4? If you switch back to 18/6 (or start at 24/0 for 2 weeks), what will happen to them? Have they been under 12/12 for weeks as well?
Depending when you have lights on/off , you could leave the one you want to reveg in the tent for 12 hours and then take her outside for another 6 or 12 if possible so that she alone gets 18+ hours of light and will reveg. The others you can leave in the tent under 12/12 to bud out.
The joys of having only 1 light and plants on different schedules! I’m with you on that one, my tent has an auto with about 2 weeks left until chop and 2 photos flipped to 12/12 almost 4 weeks ago. And I have 10 clones ready for transplant and 20 more starting to root! And no more room at the inn!
You might want to get a cheap light just for her to reveg under outside of the tent, unless you want to reveg them all!