Ready to get some experience in auto flowers?

First off at what stage in an auto flower you apply giving nutrients ? Do you feed them in stages the same as a feminized plant , are is there a difference ? I’m considering advance nutrients line or ILGM nutrients , I’ve used both quite successfully , but also I have fox farm trio and the recipe for success technaflora line , so is there and suggestions or normal standards for as feeding an auto flower?

I answered this in the other thread. After 4-5 tures sets of leaves, just like all other MJ plants. Do not go above 800-900 ppm

Thank you , it’s like one veg feeding before the plant goes into preflower . So right at the forth week from first set of leaves . So just make sure ppm is no more than 900 and no less than 800 ? Okay I’m still waiting for my arrival of genetics to give it a shot . I’m gathering advance nutrients line , the grandmaster packaged , now can autos be grown in hydro as well ?

hey Yoshi i have a question for you.

What are your thoughts on the advanced platinum series P450 full spectrum lights?

How do you think they compete with the marshydro LED series?

@Darksheex from what I’ve seen and heard of the lights they are very strong intense lights . Now this is Advance old technology but they work great , I think for as watts advance has more output than MarsHydro but MarsHydro is not a bad choice for cost , they both work but one is ah lil better and stronger than the other , Advance is better than Mars I believe .

I have used two PlatinumLED P300s for two years now and love them. I own a Mars Hydro which I find is much weaker than my others, probably because the PlatinumLED have 12 bands of output compared to the typical Mars Hydro LEDs which have six. I only use the Mars when I absolutely have to.

Also PlatinumLED have a five year warranty which I have never heard a bad word. Although, I have known peeps that needed warranty service on their Mars and they send you a handful of LEDs and tell you how to got about replacing them yourself. Which is baloney.

So yes you pay a premium for PlatinumLED but in the long run I think you get a better warranty, service, spectrum, and overall a better build.

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