Light uprade without problems

Hey guys. My new light came in the mail. A mars hydro TSL2000
It’s a 300 watt light. I currently have some Amazon lights. Two of them that are 300 a piece. But I know these mars hydros are way better. How do I go about swapping the light nid flower without consequences one plant is three weeks the other is 7 weeks


Swap them out Growmie, the plants won’t miss a beat :love_you_gesture:


Exactly what I was just going to say swap them out with plants will love it :v:t2:

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The consequence will be great growth. Happy growing. :slight_smile:


How much cal-mag do you guys give in flower? I’ve been putting 5ml for two gallons once a week and it’s seems to not be enough. I’m giving half nutes (on most things) but it’s just not enough.
Is it like givehalf nutes in veg then once you hit flower start upping the nutes to more full strength?

I was feeding once a week with nutes then once a week with plain water. But now I’m finding out I should be giving silica every watering (but some stop around 3rd week of flower)
So last feeding I put in around 950 ppm. I was thinking about giving around 3 to 400 when I feed today because it’s only been 4 days and previously I noticed my plants would go through roughly 350 every couple days and 600 every week.

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I was giving too much in veg. Now I’m in flower and I’m not giving enough :man_facepalming:t3:

Just swap the lights out the plants will be just fine and for nutrients you should be feeding full strength in flower 1000-1200 ppm is a good spot and as for a feeding/watering regime i would suggest alternating feed then wait for the medium to dry then plain water make sure you are getting adequate run off 20-30%

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With soil as a medium I would target 1000-1200 PPMs with a PH of 6.5 and feed to liberal run off (+20%). Catch a sample after about a 1/4-1/2 of that has ran out the bottom and test the PPMS and PH. If the PPMs are high 1300 plus then it’s a water only next go round. Less than your target then it’s feed. PH is critical for nutrient absorption so the range would be 6.3-6.8 with 6.5 being optimum. Keep a notebook of your run off and input numbers and soil likes a drench to drought feed or water routine Grow Bro . As for calmag I would use 3-5 ml per gallon and same for the silica :love_you_gesture:

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Not that it would make a difference (it probably wouldn’t) but unless you have another plant going on on the left, I would center plant.

I seriously think it doesn’t matter but the ocd compels me to center plants in light as much as possible

Edit, nm… looks like you have 2 in various stages of development


@Mr_Wormwood yea I was feeding one and flushing the other getting it ready for harvest this week. When I do that, I think I’m gonna move the critical back to the 2x2 and then step away from the perpetual and try to do a whole run with more plants at once. So everything in the 2x2 will move over

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