First Time Grower. What Nutrients do Auto-Flowers Need?

Hello, I’m still pretty new to growing and recently got some conflicting information so I was hoping someone could help me out. I have two 9 week old auto-flowers, in coco, and I’m using the general hydroponics flora series/Lucas formula? I was originally told that for this stage I should feed them 4-4-8 (ml/gal) calmag, micro, bloom (cutting out the gro) which was around 950ppm. But now I’m hearing 2-2-4 and to keep the ppm under 600? Just seems like a big difference and I’m not sure which is more ideal or even how to tell what they need more or less of.

Welcome to the forum buddy. I grow auto in coco myself and just started using the Lucas formula. I use the flora trio also. I just fed my 10+/- week old white widow auto and gave 4ml calmag 8ml micro 16ml bloom. Hope that helps

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Just depends what your plants can handle. If you get Burt tips back off. In DWC I am constantly running @1100PPM and will push 1500 towards the end.

Got any pics?

Sure, the one on the left flipped about 2 weeks before the other and the stems of its fan leafs have turned a reddish color. Other than that I’m starting to think, by the picture, the light might be a little close on the right? I also have a second purple light in the tent I just flipped it off for a cleaner looking picture.


Hey I’m also first time grower and growing autos in 48x48x80in tents under 630w double ended bulbs in coco coir (promix hp) and wonder when to start nutes I’m using Sensi grow products any help would be greatly appreciated… by the way my plants :seedling: are doing great I have 2 blueberry auto and 2 amnesia haze autos and 1 northern lights auto in that tent any feed back would be great thanks