Autoflower nutrients and etc

Hi Robert!
First I wanna say, I really enjoy your emails
and a lot of the tips have helped.
One thing however I would like to ask,
is that you separate autos from regulars when
you’re explaining your tips.

I’ve had; and love autos for six years. I’ve gotten
pretty good with them (the hard way), but is there any kind of guide to fertilizing the autos and what kind of percentage of NPK they like? Can you recommend a brand and dose of nutrients?

Also tips like potting- up; they hate it. So I now grow them in a 5gal. bucket right from the start.
I have figured out a way to water them so the
Water and nutrients do not build up at the bottom.

I use Black Gold soil as recommended by my local nursery, but I’m not sure I shouldn’t try something

I have figured out that about 40% of the seeds will just not grow well with the exact treatments. Even If they are the same type from the same packet.
This seems like allot! Some have yielded 3 or more OZs and are of the same strain of others that just peter out. So does this seem like the norm with autos?

I should mention my growing room is a small bedroom in my house, with two 2’x4’x6’ tents in it. Each tent has six T5 fluorescent lights and I can turn them on and off by 2.
I heat or cool and control the humidity in the whole room. Then I can regulate the temperature in each tent individually by opening or closing the doors and adjusting the fans and lights.

Thanks again! Hope to hear from you soon!

Take Care,

Mark from Oregon!

Most don’t transplant autos, because sometimes it will stunt their growth for a little while. I have had great sucsess with autos using promix.

I also grow my autos in promix there are several types of promix haven’t found one the girls don’t like as for pot size I like to use the 3gallon cloth pots they love them I average around 2-1/2 to 3 oz per plant I like several different nutrients currently using Remo nutrients also the nectar of the gods line flower power and Gh it is a game with the autos when to feed flower nutrients usually happens in the first 4-5 weeks depending if you top or fem your plants as well I start mine in solo cups and then transplant to a 3 gallon hope some of this answers your question I’m a big fan of autos myself and each one is definitely different from the next I have had great luck with my ilgm autos there is not one I like more then the other so far !! Have had great luck and so will you


Advanded nutrients has a ph perfect line that I’ve been using for about grows and will probably continue to explore their other lines as well.


I also use Advanced nutrients ph perfect. First, The Grow solution and when they start to flower i go to their Bloom version and add in the Big Bud nutrient. Being a PH Perfect nutrient i trust it. I stop all nutrients at least 10 days before harvest.