Quite a few areas with no trichome production

A customer wants to know how to get the amount of trichomes like the one in our pictures. His setup has had some great plants come out of it so he (and we) know that he is doing the right things as far as the plant health.


  • Fox Farm Happy Frog soil
  • Nutrients trio from fox farm in 5 gal fabric pots.
  • Grows indoor in a tent with an Hlg 225r spec light.
  • Temperatures stay around around 75 lights on, 70 lights off.
  • Only used half of the recommended nutrient trio as he saw burning on these plants when they got a month in and then started using closer to full strength.

Problem in short:
Not just on sugar leaves but even on the buds it seems like there are just areas with no trichome production. Can anyone help him with any ideas on how to get the trichomes count up?

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I don’t know if you can fight nature, may be the genetics. Are these bag seeds?

I’m just guessing but looking at the picture the burn is only at the tops, it’s possible that you damaged your leaves and trichomes with your light being to close. There’s a point during flower that you want to back off the light and allow the trichomes to ripen up.

Also different strains just have different amounts of trichomes, it’s generic and nothing you can do.

There are ways to get the most out of your plants though, here’s a article/tutorial that might help you out

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I DID have this happen and what a lot of people don’t realize is BULBS GO BAD!!! I believe you’re not getting trichs because you need a new bulb…

Based on information provided, my first question would be when if at all this plant was flushed? Is synonymous with issues and fox farms used in same paragraph.

The damage on leaves top to bottom suggests a ph or nutrient issue. If light was too close or something like that the damage would be limited to more around top of plant, but same symptoms are shown near the bottom. Maybe grower is plenty capable, but just ran into a finicky plant or has a meter out of calibration or failing. Stating plant was fed at half strength then full strength doesn’t give me warm and fuzzy feeling. Someone testing would say something like they started feeding at 600ppm and increased to 1200ppm.

I didn’t see rh% posted either. A big enough issue with vapor pressure deficit could have impact on nutrient demand.