Buds on cannabis plant not evenly producing trichomes and discoloration

I have a plant that’s in week 8 day 1 of flower(growing outdoors), I’m growing in FoxFarm Ocean Forest(5 gal pot), I haven’t added any nutrients only Cal Mag since seed(recent ppm reads at 900ppm), I also ph to 6.5 - 6.8. The plant looks healthy, only thing is that the bud sites don’t have the equal amount of trichomes, some just not producing trichomes at all, and also some bud sites are starting to discolor almost like a yellowish brownish color while some of the other buds look fine and healthy.

this one looks healthy compared to the other bud sites.

this one looks discolored and also hasn’t produced any trichomes.

this one has some trichomes but is discoloring.

this one is frosty at the top but doesn’t have much at the bottom and is slowly discoloring only at the bottom the top looks fine as of now.


Hi @adriangrow1031 welcome to the neighborhood, I think they’re looking good. As for the different looks buds will ripen at different rates depending on different factors like light, airflow, etc. This is no different than like a peach tree that some of of the peaches will be ready to eat before other ones