8 weeks on flower and no trichones, help me understand this

i have a 3x4 grow tent, fox farm soil,3 gallon pot,1000w led grow light with 18 6 light schedules. the white hairs are brown now and no crystals

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Really need a better picture in natural light.

You are not going to be able to see trichomes that far from the plant. You need a loupe or magnifier to get in tight to the flower: I promise you there are trichomes.


Trichomes are very small. Too small to see with the naked eye to see them clearly. You’ll need a jewelers loupe, or microscope to see them.

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i have a ocular and cant see anything

I can see the frost on my colas and the sugar shake without a loop:see_no_evil:

yeah thats why the panic should have shown weeks ago, do i need to scrap it and start over

Hard for me to tell you to scrap it, let it finish, could be ok

i recently started my co2 in hopes to correct it, just really baffled on why this could happen

How’s it smell?

chadd, If it were me I let that one finish and if your set up will support them try starting 5 seeds and see how they do.

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Don’t scrap it . Thats a good looking plant IMO . There might not be many trichomes on the leaves but they are there on that bud … Magnify it .


oh and try a 12/12 cycle, the 18/6 could be a problem.


Are they Autos? If so light duration shouldn’t matter relating to buds and Trichomes etc

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Don’t scrap it, the plant is nearly done. I tried zooming on your picture but it got really blurry

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Well I think light cycles do matter, I had started some on 12/12 after 2 or 3 weeks I decided to experiment and went to 16/8. I’m convinced this caused some mutations on autos, I think it could happen to any type though.

the smell is very faint.

What temps have you been flowering under?

Im at 75 degrees 45 humidity