No trichomes&no smell week 7 autoflower HELP

hey guys growing gsc auto about 7 weeks in from seed but there’s no trichs on bud or sugar leaves any ideas why? Can it be fixed?is it normal whats my best option here pics attached

Grow stats
Room humidity 50-62
Temps 26c-28.5c
Grow lights:growboxau 240watt led think its full spectrum led
1x clip on Fan
Medium:canna terra professional soil mix
Water fed phed to 6.2-6.5
Grow nutes brand:unknown fed 2 times in grow(veg nutes)and so far 3 since flower started(bloom nutes)
Any other details needed just ask


Welcome to ILGM forum. You are only 7 weeks, she has a ways to go. I just grew some NL autos that took a while to start frosting up. Your patience will be rewarded.


I’ve only done a handful of grows myself, but maybe you should check the P & K content of those nutes with a testing kit? Could be that the plant is having to burn all her energy just to grow pistils and calyxes but doesn’t have enough to produce trichomes. Also…what is your current lighting schedule? If it’s an auto, you are severely shorting your potential quality and yield if you give them any less than 18 hours light. Just my experience, but I would ask someone with more experience before acting on anything.


Yeah lighting schedule 18 on 6 off since seed dont know how to check the levels on that one I may just buy more nutes and molasses and try that

I’m having the same problem. No trichomes. With other grows, I usually see trichomes on the buds at least at this stage of flower.

@Cj1511 looks like signs of nute burn on some of those first pics (burnt, crispy tips & leaves starting to curl up at ends). Might want to contact one of the walking grow bots here such as @Covertgrower or @dbrn32 because they have FAR more knowledge than I do. For now, I would only water when needed, and I would cut nutes out completely until I discussed the issue with one of them. If they aren’t sure, they can put you in touch with someone who may be able to help, most likely. Here’s hoping for the best! :pray:t3:


Welcome to the forum community! @BipolarPanda a lot of times they don’t pack on trichomes until a little farther along into flower.


@Cj1511 Just curious… is that a hair in pic 4? Looks WAY too long and thin to be a pistil

Id assume its a hair as far as what im doing now at 8 weeks 3 days im ceasing all nutes and just going to flush at week 9 or in 4 days and probably run it to week 11-12 if nothing then I’ll sadly harvest as plant seems to be dying ive had to take off a bunch of leaves due to yellowing/dying and its still happening so yeah

@BipolarPanda yeah I’ve tried molasses and a light increase helped with the smell thing not so much on the trichomes however I’ve been reading about uvb lights apparently it can be used to induce trichome production/stress them in the right way so they produce more trichomes havent tried it or experimented but lots of info about it online

@Cj1511can you see any of the roots anywhere? Just wondering if there might be any rot or other root issues? Looks similar to a plant my buddy had go bad due to rot in mid-late flower years ago

Some of top fan leaves have gone yellow now ive stopped feeding im.assuming it’s normal and that its sucking the nitrogen out as the buds are starting to pack on some real weight to them now the only root a see at any point is the top feeder root which is nice and healthy looking its the only root I can see when I water it so I put some more soil around edges/plant base id say if anything its root bound and next time to offset that ill be using 5 gallon fabric pots

I’m having a similar issue with ILGM Wedding Cake autos. Gals have made tons of flower spots, but aren’t frosting or fattening at all. I think patience is best advice.

I don’t recommend switching to 12/12 cause it just shocks em way too much. As someone else mentioned, UVB light is supposed to help with that. I wonder if a UVB lizard light on each side of a tent and a daily quarter turn would make a difference. With winter coming, it’d be a good time to try that. I’m just sayin’

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Welcome , i agree with bulldog. Have patience. Looking good. Im selling red cedar kief boxes on ebay and the classifeid page. Im giving forum members a $20 discount. Email me from ebay if interested. Thanks and happy growing

Potassium add it

How did it turn out?