Quick cloning question

So I took 3 cuttings a week and a half ago. This is the first time I’ve tried cloning and I’m really only doing it as an experiment.

Am I safe in assuming the 3 cuttings I took are still ok at this point. The foliage is not wilted and the leafs are still green except for a couple of the lower leafs have started to yellow slightly. But most of the leafs are droopy and have been since I put them in the medium but they have not wilted at all. I have them In A propogator.

I used a rooting powder and put them into starting soil. I didn’t get the cubes because I am just experimenting to see if I can do it. I don’t plan on actually using the clones if they take (I might give them to a friend or I might just plant them myself)

Anyway just looking to see if they are still ok. I have not seen any roots poking out the bottom of the peat pots yet.

Yellowing leaves are normal at this point, your plant is consuming itself for energy. This is because there aren’t nutrients in the water for food, so they feed on themselves.

Sounds like you’re on the right track, good luck on your clones rooting! Positivity and good vibes will always help! Good job dude.