Cloning, got roots for the first time

I started 24 clones from my 20 flowering ladies 11 days ago and I counted 6 with roots showing through the rook wool. they all show a little yellowing but what I understand is That’s the plant taking food from it self to grow. They stand up just fine with the dome off for a couple oh hour’s this is a good sign also that roots are forming.
Am I right on this?
I’em following Robert’s cloning advice to the letter and so far so good…I never could clone always died on me, and now I have roots Woooo whoooo
This is where I will need some help. I believe eighter Lakewood or Stoner have been down this road and any advice would really helpful at this point.
Or from anyone else who clones.
Thank you for any help


Yellowing roots are roots dying off due to too much exposure to Oxygen. Sounds like you are doing great. I would place nay rooted clone into a system immediately after roots penetrate the outside of the rockwool cube.

I just purchased 5 bags of soil, its for seedlings and 15 new pots along with root shock for the water.
I will transplant in the morning to many people at the moment…lol nobody knows a dam thing!
Anyway I now have 15 out of 24 not bad and there maybe more in the morning.

I’em going to place the hole clone with rook wool into the soil cover lightly with soil and water with the root shock and water. 1/4 tsp 2 one gal of water.
would 300 watt flc be ok until they grab hold AND take off or should I stay with the 15 watt cfl and after they do grab hold switch to 400 watt hps for veg.

dose this sound about right or not. P.S I put some pic’s on here of there roots and can’t remember where I posted them…LOL If you see them in your travels let me know…I was stoned at the time…LMAO

Thank you for any input on this


Thank you for your input…

How are your clones doing? Sorry! We were down for 3 weeks.

Let me know. :slight_smile: I was going to tell you that one little cfl was going to be too little light for that many plants. It will cause them to stretch all over the place…

Let me know if I can help, further. Peace, lw

It’s been a long 4 weeks or so. I had alotof problems logging onto your sight here but I see we are back.
I had problems at first with the clones and it all came down to over watering. They the clones have been transplanted into bigger pots and now have some catching up to do. The 20 ladies have been harvested I wound up with 9 oz’s and to tsp of R.S.O not to bad. Oh Lakewood…I bought a Snoop Dogg Vaper I lov it…anyway i’ll post some pic’s of the seedlings and clones a little later


Glad to hear that things went pretty well.

My monster grow update.

Here are my clones 13 ladies out of 24 cuttings not bad.
I just flipped to 12/12. They are 12 to 14 inches tall and i’em going to
build the frame for sog today. I will update pic’s from time to time.
This is my first time doing this so if anyone has any advice please feel free to post.
They are under two 1000w and growing in soil.
The temp is 78 - 80 Hum 40%
All are W>W clones
Nutrients are Roberts…First wk…3 part Booster 1 part flower
2nd wk…2 " " 2 " "
3rd wk…1 " " 3 " "
Then all flower till the last 2 wks when they will get the Mass Booster
That’s the plan


Well here is an update of the clones. The clones are on the right and from seed on the left.
The plants on the left have never been toped.
Is it still possible to tie them down to see if they will branch out or not. I don’t know if anything will happen.
They were flipped 4/1/15 to 12/12 w/ 2 1000w HPS all in dirt
My plan is to take clones from the clones and from the seed plants.
I also have 5 OG – 5 Super Skunk – 5 Northern Light all seedlings 3" high
I hope to veg the 15 seedlings and clones I take altogetter. Then I should have 4 different kinds growing from clones.

Sorry, I forgot the pic’s…lol


Interesting ScrOG, is that insulated solid core copper wire? Oh, I see silver, probably solid core aluminum wire.

Smart man there Mr. MacGyve, that’s what it is I hope that’s ok…I wouldn’t think it would hurt the plants. Very easy to work with. Any way I used what I had on hand and I use 1/2" pvc pipe and a little glue and presto no cost…sweet
Hey it will work…lol


I was just wondering, way to go, good macgyver job :wink: i don’t think you should run into any problems using it, if it was copper I’d be worried about the meth heads stealing it, lol.

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LMAO…That’s so funny, but so true! The meth heads and pill heads are real bad here. That’s why it’s " SO INPORTANT TO KEEP IT SAFE " You keep your shit to your self "PERIOD " no mater how much you want to talk to someone you just can’t do it!!
Has anyone really talked about this ?
Maybe i’ll start a topic about how important it is.

But, anyway the grow is doing just fine. The thing that kills me is WAITING for it to finish…lol

Be Safe

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UPDATE…After 2 1/2 weeks of flower.
They are looking real good.
Check them out


That’s interesting, the wiring method. Speaking of keeping things to oneself, I live in Oregon, where legalization for recreational is in a few months apart from all the medical pot card holders like myself, and man, it is real hard not to talk about it here when folks constantly bring it up, considering there is a rush on gardening supplies and a brand new gardening mega store just opened in the former kmart location a town or two over, people getting so open mouthed about pot growing and smoking, its scary. I mainly worry what I’d do to someone who failed to get the upper hand on me in a theft thing or robbery, I don’t want to become a sinner again, considering god has given me the upper hand many times when dealing with bad people, but not when it came to not getting robbed legally by someone, like when someone steals your opportunities or job or such. Haha, ooops, there it goes, …evil thoughts, ha, of catching someone in the act and them being vulnerable and all. Ah, don’t worry, I am loosely military trained, and well read on capture and interrogation techniques, etc. I’d be gentle, maybe even share some marijuana to those in pain, and I don’t believe in getting cops involved, in anything, never did.

Hey Bud, I’em the same way when it comes to cops and my son is military trained.
My son Travis, daughter Ashley and myself lived in Seattle right on the Tacoma line for 30 plus yr,s Now in Tenn
Out here in Tenn you can’t trust anyone not even your best friend because there r no best friends in Tenn. All pill heads or crack heads so I just keep to myself

I can’t wait till I move back to Seattle…I miss living there big time.


In looking at my clones, today, I feel I’ll have nearly a 100% success rate, at least 90%, probably no surprise, unless suddenly later clones just up and rot, etc, I spent a lot of time that evening doing them but not as involved as a poster I read using three types of rooting compounds per clone. Another great method for keeping high humidity I did two of my solo cups with, is with cheap quart zip lock bags placed over the plants and cups and rubber banded in place, working like a charm, without fancy clear plastic totes. I have those two top bagged starts not under a light but near the closed blinds that allow in diffused light, just enough to keep em going, two clones right there that are healthy, probably have roots growing for sure.
As for security, and other gardening activities, I am busting my hump trying to propagate strawberry starts(not the pot type) in solo cups, cause I over fertilized/killed most of them last year and learned something important about strawberry plants, that after the first year, they start growing too much on top of the soil with extended roots instead in the soil, so at least every two years should be reset in outdoor oak barrel halves, health willing, and any neighbors, or people in the stores, even the help who work in the stores, where one wanted to know if I was growing flowers or such, I need to just blow them off, probably folks taking down mental notes in case they ever want to search out anything to buy off folks they meet, hey, nothing sinister I hope, where one inferred he thought me buying 6" clip on fans, soils and mixes, small pots, etc meant if I was growing some soon to be legalized pot. I mean, I think they put in the new garden mega store, announced it, once we all voted for legalized recreational in November, they threw it together in record time.
Like I said, already been targeted previous when local dead heads heard I was a mechanic, or had been and were actually thinking my sheds at the old place held “valuable tools”, didn’t help considering I always had a project vehicle I was fixing up to sell for spare cash. I mean, it was worse than trying to keep cats out of the yard if one dumped tuna fish in a pile in the middle of it.

If it works rule of thumb is don’t change…lol

That’s cool mine are doing real well also. I’em thinking around the end of next week they should have roots.
I know what you mean about time…a lot go’s into what we’re doing
I cloned some time ago and failed every time until I stopped and researched it and read over and over again until I got it right and under stood
Now it’s all grow…lol

Will I’ll post them here in a bit so you can see how they are doing