Problems cloning

I have some clones that aren’t rooting. I’m pretty sure I had them in a room that was too cold (65 F). I moved them back into a room that is 82 F. It’s only been a day. No signs of roots. The clones look really healthy and actually have new growth. Can these clones root? Thanks!

You forgot the pics! We’re glad to have you back around though. 65 is probably not too crazy, but not helping, either. The warmer room will help. Keep the humidity high, too. A dome helps a bunch. Has it only been a day since you cut them? Can you describe your cutting/cloning process?


Keep em warm and under a dome with 24 hour light on them. If they are going to recover that should do it.


good idea to mist the babies twice a day minimum. clear plastic cup 9oz will make a good dome. cut leaves in half to reduce moisture loss. takes a week for solid roots to show.

What does your cloning process look like and what are you rooting them in?

Good to be back! Thanks for the warm welcome. Sorry it took me a minute to get back on after my last question.
I moved my clones to a warmer room with higher humidity. The room they were in was 65F and 35% humidity(I’m sure the humidity was higher in the dome though). A few days after I moved them a few of the strain in question began rooting(this is a about 17 days in). I’m assuming the environment was stalling them but I’m not sure. Half of my tray was another strain and they rooted just fine in the room in question. Perhaps this one strain just takes longer to root?? What’s your experience cloning different strains? Do some just take longer than others?

My technique is a follows:
-take cuts that have at least 3-4 nodes. 45 degree cut. May stay in a solo cup for up to a day.
-I plug them in rockwool cubes after dipping in clonex.
-I cut all the leaves off except for top ones and I cut those leaves in half.
-they are placed in a tray with a dome.
-they are placed to the side of a hps or ceramic light.
-I spray the leaves once or twice a day. I don’t spray cubes unless they appear dry.
-after about one week I open one hole in the dome. A few days later I open the second hole.

Camera on phone is broke at the moment so I can’t provide pics.

Thanks for all the help!

No worries! I’ve only personally ever cloned one strain, Lemon Skunk. Generally speaking, I wouldn’t think it would matter. The age/maturity and hardiness of the mother might affect how long they take to root, and what part of the plant they were taken from…I’ve read ones closer to the bottom, farther from the apical stem, will root faster. But it was probably just the environment, like you said. They like warm, humid air, and moist media to reach out into. Try not to let your rockwool get dry…I like the peat starter plugs, like root riot or similar. I haven’t used rockwool, but it seems trickier to keep the moisture level right. Those cuttings might’ve just been more picky, even. Under light 24/0? And in your cutting process, I assume there’s water in the solo cup? Dumb question maybe, just to clarify. Sounds like you’re spot on in your methods, you might be onto something with the different genetics. @peachfuzz @Haildamaged @Myfriendis410 and @Mrcrabs do lots of cloning, and might have more to add. :v::slight_smile:

PS-that’s not true, I’ve also cloned Double Tangie Banana, but I only took one, named her “Lucky” and she rooted, so :man_shrugging: :joy:


yes cloning is strain related ish and 65 was cold may have slowed them some most should root in 2 weeks GG4 is one i have trouble with they have taken 3 or more weeks / i dont go 24/7 on lights no real cloning room ( future) so may need to set up that to see whats what i will say everything you are doing is ok but i do like to go cut to cold water (ph,at 7 ish) to clonex asap then in domes fast as possible . come on now we need pics of root porn lol good luck


No dumb questions…clarification is key!:raised_hands:t4:Yes, solo cups have water(6.2 ph, 72 degrees-I use those water specs for everything). Yes, 24 hours of light. I’m running over 10 strains right now and it does seem to make a difference because in my current cloning situation I’m in a decent environment(need to get my humidity higher), nonetheless, I have one entire strain that has full-on roots and is ready to transplant and the others virtually have no roots(8 days in). I agree taking the cuts from the bottom is better. I read that in one of my grow handbooks. Hormones are supposed to be stronger there. I don’t have mother plants, not enough room for those. I take cuts come from plants before they are flipped into flower(they are approximately 6-8 weeks old).


GG4 is one the strains I haven’t seen roots from yet(8 days in). Thanks for the insight! That puts my mind at ease. They look healthy so I’ll just be patient. I’ll try and get my phone camera fixed so I can share some pics. Thanks!

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I like to use Rooting Powder when I take them and my stem prep goes like this:

Cut on a 45 degree bias, use a sharp razor blade to scuff the side of the stem up about 1 or 2", clip off 2/3 of the leaf mass and put in damp coco or Promix. Domed, 24/0 at upper 70’s and that gets me 100% near enough.