Clones question

I am on day 9 after cutting, dipping in clonex and placing in a rapid rooter, humidity is near 100 percent temp is at 73 and there’s a heat mat underneath. I trimmed lower leaves off and have been misting them a few times a day. I haven’t been using any lights during this time. They are kind of dark colored and a few of them look droopy and sad. I angled and scraped when I cut them initially. Any idea on how to make them happier, or do they just need more time? Thanks in advance. These are cut off my nepalese watermelon haze plants, if that helps.

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Yes I know how to make them happier, you have to keep lights on your clones…!

Sorry but 9 days in the dark I doubt your clones will survive. The next batch keep your lights on them, get your temperature to around 81 and they’ll be much happier and root much faster!

…if you using rapid rooters the bag says keep a quarter inch of water in the bottom of the tray for best results, I do and get 100% rooting, check out my thread called “5 day clones” if you need more help ?

  • good luck


@Paranorman, thats a beautiful root system, very healthy


Thanks! …sadly I’m throwing a bunch like that in the trash tonight :weary: …but pretty soon I’m going to be selling them so noobs can kill them instead of me LMAO! :thumbsup:


I wish you were near me id buy most if not all of them


100% humidity may be a little high. Is it getting fresh air regularly? No lights is the biggie here. Live and learn ! We all do it !

I moved them under the light to see if that may salvage. I had them on my kitchen counter for the last week or so, decent ambient light, but we will see if this helps at all, if not, I have a few other plants to get moving

If you really want your ladies to root don’t mist so often it helps encourage them to root


Or keep water near the bottom not much but a tiny but ad roots search for water of water is at the bottom it will encourage roots to grow down to the water


My cloning in a nutshell
: heat pad, tray with dome, cloning powder, rapid rooters and lecca or aquarium gravel either would work.
First take cuttings place in cold water (this stops capillary action) reducing odds of air embolism :wink:
Prep tray layer bottom of tray with lecca or gravel 1/2" or so this keeps plant off bottom of tray stopping heat from burning roots and gives a an area to add water without submerging cubes or rooter pucks.
I trim large fan leaves from cuttings then cut below nearest node set I shave nodes then dip in rooting powder. I then force cut into rooter pod making sure it is both tight and just shy of the bottom I repeat this with all cuttings then place them in tray.
After all cuttings are in tray I add water ph’d around 5.8 just to the base of the rooters I add more lecca or gravel to support pods then add dome and turn on heating pad.
I leave vent closed no peaking for first 4 days then slightly open vent and check to see water level in tray isn’t too low adding as needed not soaking pods since condensation and wicking keeps pods moist not wet.
The tray is placed away from direct light under cfls or t5’s if you have them I just keep them shaded by my mothers :wink:
By 5 days dome vents can be mostly opened in another 2-3 days roots on some should be visible growing into lecca biggest thing is be patient if dome is left closed and you see condensation they have enough moisture


They made a nice recovery from Monday night into Tuesday, all of them look much better, they have stood back up and leaves are not drooping much. Hopeful they will begin to root so I can transplant them. Friday will mark 2 weeks since cut. I have them on 16 8 light cycle on a heat mat in a domed seedling tray. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at them last night and they all looked Invigorated

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I have 9 successfully rooted, 6 still haven’t popped thru the rapid rooter. Repotted the ones with roots into solos.


They are looking great, how long did they take to start rooting and what strain are they

It’s been about 3 weeks, I just put them under the light on Monday though and I think that’s what kicked it into rooting. Those are nepalese watermelon haze. I have a journal on those under another thread

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I want to try some clones from my durban poison as I only had a success rate of 1 in 5 seeds that I started actually did well ,3 durban poison and 2 gold leaf, so I really want to cover the loss, if I have any queries when I’m ready to try do you mind me asking you some questions ? I’m a first time grower

Sure thing, this is my first time cloning and first legit indoor grow, so my experience is minimal, but between reading here and the more experienced folks, you’re in good hands

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Cheers buddy, yeah I to have read plenty about and watched lots of video clips about it, and I’m pretty sure I have got it but being first time grower you never know, again cheers buddy appreciate it

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My clones are becoming a little dry tipped and no roots yet need help getting it balanced out don’t want to lose them please help thanks

What’s the humidity level?


How many chances to cloning I have if I don’t have root gel… Only Jiffy and soil?