Sooo I tried cloning

So I cut clones earlier, maybe 4 hours ago, now this is what they look like…


Looks like way too much light and heat, get that light like 3 or 4 foot above, you are drying them out and heating them up. Clones don’t need much lighting til their well rooted. May want to give them a nice spray to perk them back up.


Cut either the fan leaves off or cut half the leaf off. You want them to focus on roots instead of processing light into food


Heed both pieces of advice, raise lights and cut the fan leaves in 1/2


I’d recommend some sort of humidity dome over each of them. The need humidity over 90% because there are no root to take up water yet.


I think I may need to do that. I was kind of just experimenting, and have spent so much for my grow I was seeing if I could do clones on the cheap, but I may have to invest a bit more

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Agree with the others. They will look wilted for a bit while they adjust, figure out how to acclimate, and develop some roots. After several days to a week they will stand back up. Clones don’t need a whole lot of light or water.

Here’s one of my recent closes that just woke back up. I kept her in a seedling/clone tray to keep the humidity up, but a dome will work too.


While the old school cloning ways do work (direct in soil, sitting in water, rockwool, etc…), I started using a aeroponics cloning machine a while back and have faster rooting and 100% success, though I had a high success rate with old school methods as well. My cuttings are fully rooted and ready to be planted in the medium of my choice after 10 days.

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