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Hi again,
I hope to have my question done and dusted as I’ve been scouring the internet to find an answer that leads me to dead ends. So, I picked a little early bud from near the bottom of one of my Gold Leaf plants last week. Very Milky, Sticky & smelled great! (It Only ended up weighing 4.5grams dry). Stalks snapped this morning, and as I was pulling it apart to get rid of the stalk to give a mate to try out, I found 1 normal looking seed in amongst it. I figure I have bought only feminised seeds here that obviously there will be a few in amongst the buds. Is this about right? I figure true true Sinsemilla to be rare as rocking horse crap. And am Just wondering if the seeds from a feminised plant will be only female? Or does the cycle start again to 50%male 50%female? I put it in a glass of water straight away and it has only just cracked open for a peek of the outside world.

Thanks for taking the time to answer something probably written about heaps, but my searches have produced zip.


Not 100% positive but pretty sure it will be feminized

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If your girl randomly produced a seed, then I would speculate it’s either a hermie or there is a male nearby.

So your seed is ‘likely’ 100% hermie, or a 50-50 normal seed.

Check around for pollen sacs or “nanners”.

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Sometimes a plant will hermie and a natural way for feminized seeds is rodoziation i probably spelled that wrong but anyway even then some will be a hermaphrodite
You have a 95% chance of it being female and 5% being a hermaphrodite it will be either one of theses your definitely not going to have a male

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True. Rodelization generally occurs late in the plants life.

He’ll just have to grow it to find out!


occasionally seeds will happen on a fem’d plant…but usually it’s a blank.
if you are lucky and it hatches…could an interesting adventure in growing.

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I agree with the others. If you have seeds then there was pollen in there somewhere. Most likely hermaphrodite as the others stated. But it’s absolutely possible to grow seed free weed.

Thankyou all!
Bugga me, They are indoors with open window and door having CrimSafe mesh (that’s not going to stop pollen though) and it is only just coming onto our normal begin outdoor planting season, as it’s been slightly cooler here this winter it has hit 17°Celsius in early morning.

I have read about Rodezilation as well, but that only comes as a last resort for the plant to pollinate itself (correct me if I’m wrong). Since this is Roberts creation, “Gold Leaf” I am certain he would have created fantastic genes, & am pretty sure i read the specs for Gold Leaf, that are hardy plants. They haven’t been under any stress, & under optimal conditions (organic soil, heat, humidity, & a 52litre pot to grow in, with Gnat Nix top dressing). Each plant has it’s own 600watt dialable? (I can turn a knob & dial the globe down to 250 watts) Light at about 600mm to 900mm away from top of plants.

I have magnified buds everyday 3 times, since I started to see Trichomes and I cannot see any pollen sacs, or nanners. The only problem they have had was about a month ago I copped Whiteflies somehow. They’ve been bumped off using yellow sticky cards, & are now definitely gone.

Thanks for the input from everyone! I will post back here when I get the amber Trichomes and have chopped, just waiting for a little amber. After chop it will let me know if they have been somehow pollenized as I am doing a wet manicure. Just taking a little longer than I’ve expected.

Fingers and toes crossed.

Thought I’d throw my actions of my doings today to those that are interested.

I wasn’t a happy camper when I read the comments section, & needed to find out straight away rather than worrying about it till it is time to chop. So I’ve got a 5 plant grow of 2 Gold Leaf feminised, 2 Super Lemon Haze, feminised, and 1 White Widow feminised. I chopped close enough to 3 ounces of wet and trimmed COLAS off each plant and dissected it prodding and pulling as I was manicuring it. The Super Lemon Haze had zero seed from 3 wet ounces, the White Widow had 1 seed found from 3 wet ounces, and the 2 Gold Leaf Colas gave me 21 seeds from 3 wet ounces. So it isn’t as bad as where my mind was heading before I chopped. It’s got me even more stuffed as all plants are close together so it can’t be a hermie, & it can’t be a pollen drift through the flyscreens, it has got to be the Rodelisation that has happened, what do ya reckon? I grabbed a few swollen calyxs with some tweezers and upon opening, there was no seed or resin, just what looked yellow (a little like pollen) but when squished with my fingers it stained them light yellow? And actually had to wash the stuff off. I like figuring things out but not at the cost of patients in pain and the price of feminised seeds. I never have worried about the seeds as they pop between 18 and 36hrs. But when I look at them they are quite green and small compared with the usual seed everyone knows so well. Looks like the the Gold Leaf isn’t in my grow list anymore. I have 3 left so will pass them over to a brother and let him know what could happen. So I have a bigger grow waiting that has been topping & growing for 3 months that are Power Plant, Critical Mass, & Girl Scout Cookies Extreme straight after this. So would people chop the Gold Leaf now rather than wait maybe a week or 2 for amber to happen? Or since I’ve opened up Calyx’s that potentially had pollen in them & maybe spread to the others, should I just harvest the lot? Is it possible to seed a plant say two weeks of life left? They have all been flushed for the last 3 weeks as I stuffed up on when time frames begin, but are growing in a really nice soil mixture so would another 2 weeks flush hurt the yield? Or I can keep flushing? Plus will the lightly seeded Gold Leaf drag out the harvest time? Apologies for all the questions, it’s a live and learn moment then time to move onwards. On a matter of stickiness, my fingers would actually stick together until I pulled them apart similar to using spray glue. Very happy with how much resin they have now even before amber trich’es!


Hello there my friend. If I didn’t welcome you then Welcome to our world of growing my friend.

To me it sounds like maybe it was stressed some where down the line. Could be your lights, or it could have got’en a quick flash, heat, cold many things could have happend only you know for sure

But plant the seed and see what happend’s and it should be female coming from a female with no males around hopefuly.

B Safe