Foud a seed in my feminised bud

the plant was female and a clone from a feminised seed the plant showed no signs of being hermaphradite nor did she produce seeds however after smoking it a few weaks so far i found 2 seeds how did they get there and are these seeds feminised or regular seeds and what kind of quality comes from such seeds?

Growing Fem’ seeds is not a guarantee of Sensi’. You must still follow guidelines to enable the plant to be totally female!

But; If you grew out ‘fem’ genetics and only got 2 seeds; Well then; I would say; “You had an extremely successful grow!”

If you want no seeds; Then buy “regular seeds”; And learn to sex your plants, properly.

Potential issues; Pollen left from the last, or previous grow. This could cause flower to seed.

Feminized seeds are really convenient. However; They shortcut your ability to become a better grower. IMO. Sorry Robert.lw

are these seeds i got from the plant feminised or regular?
what kind of quality r these seeds?
what r the benefits of growing non feminised seeds besides the fact that there wont be any seeds grown at all?

I would assume that seed from a feminized plant would be the same. I really do not think there is an absolute guarantee.

quality: grow them and find out

You learn how to grow; Without shortcuts.

If it is a self pollinated seed from a late hermaphrodite flower, then it is a feminized seed and when grown should be practically a clone of the parent plant. The hermaphrodite flower could have been caused by many many factors. A little light leaking in, even just a pinhole of light from a crack, seem or zipper could cause this on the flower getting the light. Other stressing factors could also contribute, not only that, some fully female plants, depending on the strain, may develop a hermaphrodite flower on a female bud just because it is so close to “finishing” but has not been pollinated. It’s the plant’s last ditch effort to continue the life-cycle and hopefully produced a healthy seed or a few before it dies. One of the many reasons to keep things simple, so as to keep too many variables from confusing the cause of any problems. When you have a basic and time proven technique then it is much easier to find out what was different this time that would have contributed to any problems.

I dont know why this would be consideres aproblem this is great i got bud that practiclay ttly sensi these few seeds are a gift if ya ask me 1 or 2 good seeds will always come in handy and w/so little seeds I wouldnt think that would lessen the potency 1 bit if i knew what cause this i would do it more often the drop of light facter may have been the issue but she also had her share of stress of beeing grown by a first timmee :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, if the seeds are mature and healthy, I wouldn’t be very disappointed either. The increase in potency that can be gained by growing the plant to its max with the fine tuning tweaks here or there are good to strive for but just start off with getting the basics right consistently and you’ll naturally get better over time.

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Thanks for the great info. I just received an order and am looking forward to starting them tonight. I was wondering why anyone would order “regular” seeds when “Fem” seeds are available but it explains it in this post.
Thanks again

We will be here. :)_

Grind it up if you get more and make tea with it :D.

Hope it’s ok to ask this question in here because it refers to seeds from my plant. When I began to flush out my plant, a seed must have been in the soil because I woke up to a sprout. Just out of curiosity, I planted it and it’s growing awesome. Could this turn out to be a male plant? or will it be a female or hermi? This is my second grow and all this female vs. male vs. hermi is a lot to learn and confusing.

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