A week into flower noticing seeds on a feminized plant

Hey guys I’m a week into flower and two of my plants are growing hairs and looking amazing but one is exploding in what look like seeds but these were feminized seeds from Europe and quite expensive I’m just wondering if it’s a hermie and will it produce buds still hate to
I wasted time and effort

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Thats a boy…

Sorry to say it’s a hermaphrodite. Remove it immediately unless you want your other plants to seed! Those are going to pop into pollen sacks and you will be in trouble.


sorry mate, who did you get the seeds from?

It’s removed from the tent and in my garage to freeze and die :frowning:

Pollen sacs, not seeds. Get it away from the ladies very carefully so those sacs don’t burst

You need to get that thing out of your house. All it takes is a little pollen and running your heater to pollinate your girls. Burn that thing or put it into a plastic bag and toss it.

From the pic they look male plants

Put it into a bag and seal the bag mate, make sure you dont carry any pollen on yourself into the bloom room.

It’s out of the house and in the snow to die what are the chances my other two girls are pollinated I flipped to bloom 10 days ago

If the pollen sacks are open your other plants have a good chance of seeds.

Well that rookie mistake may have just costed me my first crop :disappointed_relieved: one devastated first timer right here will
Never make that mistake and trust the feminized seeds I got them from headz.ca thought it was a Europe site but went back and checked and it was Canadian

Is your bloom room totally blacked out in the rest period? did the plant suffer any stress during the grow?
Dont throw them as you can experiment with the seed they may produce and you can still get some kind of smoke from it, i know as it has happened to me.

Yes the room is blacked out but yes the plant pretty much died once and came back to life did that cause the switch ?

Doesn’t look like it hermied. Looks like it was a male to begin with

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Yes it could, unless they sent you a male seed by mistake as @BobbyDigital states.

Well it is wat it is all I can do is hope it
Didnt ruin my other two ladies

@Mitch1 @Hungrybud @BobbyDigital the ladies would’t be ruined, they just wouldn’t be virgins anymore. if that plant was a male, and i would think it would be good to know if it was male or herme, wouldn’t the seeds be good? if the plant is herme i know it’s bad news

That plant isn’t showing any signs of female traits. Straight up male. They could definitely keep the females, pollinated or not. But that thing needed to be removed faster than a boy caught in your teen daughters bedroom and hopefully you got there in time.

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I’ve got the same thing going on. I’ve been so careful with the two I have growing only to find what your seeing on your plant. Both of mine are herm so I’m just going to finish the grow, salvage what I can and hopefully, eventually take a puff or two from them. I’d bet money lights were my problem. I had all the lights taped and covered, well all but 1 that I hadn’t noticed on the heater. Only took about 10 days at 12/12 on the lights for my plant to become the green pretender. :confused: