My feminized plant created one seed in the main top bud...will this seed be male or female

I’m starting my 7th outdoor season and wanting to use the seeds I’ve harvested from the last 4 seasons …from the strains I’ve grown over the years I’ve got one seed from a White Widow…Blu Cheez Bomb…Girl Scout Cookie and DR. Grinspoon…all Feminized … I’ve had other plants growing with these … usually one or two over the years and made it a point to stress the said plants to see what bud response l get from them…the only noticeable response was each said plant produced one seed in the main cola and the only seed in the whole plant…no visible signs of male sacks or banana pods…the only plants that produced one seed were the ones I stressed. Now my questions are…Have l created a hermaphrodite plant…and Will this one seed from each plant be a female or male… I’ve found this site to be amazing and helpful and I’m feeling very lucky over the years not having any of the problems that you all are helpful at solving…(knock on wood)


Should be a feminized seed same strain as mother


Thanks for the quick response…l was hoping the same thing…but you know…crap happens…do you know or think this happens because I’ve stressed it or are the strains susceptible to this…

I would bet a moth got in there with some pollen on it’s body. They love cannabis, and there is no reason to discount natural pollination. Could be somebody within a few miles had a male.

Unless your outdoor growing area is screened.


Hello 1BigFella thanks for the reply…as l might see it as coincidence two times… this has happened the last 4 years and only on the main cola of the said plants… there were one or two plants planted with each and neither of those produced a seed …and it was only the plant l stressed each year that produced a seed…so I’ll have to say it wasn’t an insect…unless its an insect that enjoys practical jokes and is around for the four years…thanks again :blush: