Plant went to seed using femenized seeds?

Hi all,
I just got done curing 3 ILGM super silver haze and found seeds in the jars. I used feminized seeds and was surprised when my friend said there were seeds in the bud I gave him to try. I know there are also some grow room conditions that would cause them to turn hermaphrodite[ heat and humidity] or I was sent reg seeds instead. I have one more SSH in grow room and will find out if it is the same. Anyone have any ideas on the subject, I would appreciate the input. Thanks, 620smitty

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It happens
A family member found one seed in his autoflower harvest it was OG kush so he planted it and guess what it is a freaking amazing plant flawless in every way
Them seeds you got from fem plant are fem seeds id keep them could be useful lol
Happy growing


Hello @620smitty,

I’m sorry to hear that happen, but it does occur sometimes.

All feminized seeds tend to hermie, if stressed enough, and then will pollinate the other female plants its with, if you don’t catch it. Feminized seeds are weaker in genetics by design. Its probably what happened. As you learn your own garden more, this will happen less and less, as you find it’s stress points.

Goodluck bud, and happy growing :slight_smile:


it will also happen sometimes when you let her overcook… ie,…waiting too long for harvest.

I’ll take some of those seeds :maple_leaf::v:


For real pop them beans

You have enough
I remember your list

Hahahahaha shhh, you can never have too many!! :thinking:

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@Aquaponic_Dumme I’ve heard that using regular seeds, you almost never see hermaphraditism. Usually only feminized seeds hermie during lite stress. You seem to be da man with these technical issues, thought you could clear it up for me.

Ya my ssh started shooting nanners also but its only happened a couple of times and only when I let them flower 12 to 13 weeks , also I should note that they were all clones from the same mother which I am still running now , it seems that 11 to 12 weeks flower is the max with this strain… Anything longer and she gets fussy… On a side note , out of the 20 beens I got I only planted 2 and have been running this strain for almost 3 years… Maybe it’s time to pop 2 more…


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I’ve never seen a plant hermie outside growing from regular seed. But still new to “educated growing” inside with good seed. You’d think it would be easier, but it has really made me sit up straight in class.

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Here’s a link that might answer some of your questions.

Marijuana and hermaphroditism- Alchimia Grow Shop


Yes, that was I great link thx! Appreciate all your knowledge

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That’s awesome, what it’s all about, 2 seeds and cloning for 3 years. So cool

I come to find out that the 2 White Widow that were in the closet with the SSH also went to seed. Does this mean that the two were cross pollinated? I have no clue I got a lot of SSH beans and a good amount of WW beans. The SSH smoke was so-so and I use it for edibles.The WW smoke was still kick ass. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks, Smitty.

If I stress a fem photo clone enough will i be able to get it to hermie and fertilize itself for a seed crop?

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hermie plants produce hermie seeds… don’t really want that do ya?

Nope. Lol. Sometimes legit info hard to pinpoint. Read two articles about hermies producing fem seeds and now I see hermie make hermie seeds. Guess I’ll have to buy some regs

I am inexperienced in the area…perhaps ask one who is more an expert than I… maybe @latewood can provide a more experienced answer.

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It’s possible. In my experience, and on top of the genetic dispositions, stress causes hermie traits. This is total relative stress in that moment. Keep in mind, some parts of the grow will be different stress levels than others, so it’s possible to stress to the point of hermie, but since it’s still Vegging, not hermie, and later with less stress, flower out with no problems.

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