What seeds will I get?

If i have an femezized auto flower that hermies, are those seeds femenized?

they should grow buds, yes
check this post out

There was a recent discussion on this recently. What was brought up is that if a plant hermies from high stress, than there will not be hermaphrodite genetics passed along.

I believe it was said something like “if a person goes bald from cancer treatment, and has children, then that doesn’t make their children genetically prone to going bald.”

But if the plant hermied because it was already present in the genetics, then the odds of the plant showing both sexes is are much higher.

This is only info that was read, I can’t attest to its validity.


I have had this playing out in my grows lately.and yes, there is a difference between female and feminized, and in hermaphrodite and multi-gendered

True herm is, in my estimation, the genetic fault whereas mixed gendered is more likely stress related. There is some debate about this. However, I have grown almost 60 different strains in the last year, and in my experience I have had more true hermaphrodite plants come from feminized seeds than regular. That is my experience though, and others may have better explanations.

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