Viable seeds from a plant grown from a feminized seed?

First time grower here and need some advice. 1 of the 5 modest plants that I managed to grow from feminized seeds bought online has produced some seeds of their own which I found in the curing jars. I’ve collected 10 thus far and wondered if anyone has had success simply replanting them for next years crop.

I simply don’t know and assumed that the 2nd generation seeds, if any, from a plant originally from a feminized seed were sterile or are they viable?

Anyone offer any advice?


They should be viable and feminized too! @Bikerbloke


Are they mature seeds, like as in fully formed? I’ve found 2 seeds from my last grow, I stressed out my Green Crack a bit. But unfortunately they were immature seeds.

Like @bob31 said they will be feminized seeds if there was no male around…

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I don’t think that’s how this works, if a plant produces seeds it’s because it was fertilized by a male and has a chance of produce if both sexes, unless sprayed with liquid nickel something.

So no they will not all be female seeds truth is if the plant went hermi them as he seeds are most likely hermi as well.

I can’t believe this

If there was no male around there is no chance of having both sexes…and yes likely to have the hermi gene

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Yes i agree :point_up: with @bob31