Seeds in my feminized plant

Do sativa dominant hybrids feminized, produse a few seeds?


It’s normal for a female to produce a few seeds. I find 10 or so every harvest. If it’s more than that you may have a hermie on your hands. Indica/sativa/hybrid doesn’t really have anything to do with it.


I had a seed in a purple indica from dispensary it grew fine

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The only seeds I’ve had were from a female plant that threw 4 male flowers (so it hermied). Gave me a few seeds and a few off the other plant in the tent but they were both full on flowering at the time… or last grow when I had an actual male that I didn’t know about and it pollinated every single plant I had… so are you sure there are no male plants around? If you got seeds from her, maybe it threw a few male flowers? Check carefully… they are hard to spot sometimes especially if the plant is large. Would be a good question for @RAP

ILGM Bruce Banner is the strain. I have found maybe 4 or 5 seeds out of 5 plants. My first sack grow was a hermi, and I had one in the yard. They were full of seeds.
It’s no problem, I was just curious. My Banners have been beautiful and are definitely females. Each grow is better than the last
It is possible that there are other plants around. Thanks for helping!

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I didn’t know a female could hermi while growing. Fascinating Lil weed.

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Self preservation of species?

Seeds, maybe.
I know I have seeds from the stud boys, but not in the tent.

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Not my pic but here’s a female that shot out a few male flowers:


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Thank you! No mam, i have not seen those on my girls. Now I know what to look for.

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I swore I didn’t have any and was told to go look again… sure enough, they were buried deep right next to the main stalk.